Open Letter to Tea Party Leaders and Participants

Dear Fellow Tea Party Leaders and Colleagues,

As I have watched the primary process play out over the last several months I have become increasingly dismayed at the behavior of tea party leaders and supporters.  So many of you coalesced around Donald Trump simply because he was an alleged outsider and would clean up Washington.  Yet, I have seen many of you act like Senator Cruz and others should be hanged in effigy because they are allegedly insiders and yet no one has produced any real proof to back up those claims. You claim you want an outsider to be President and yet you are supporting the ultimate insider who by the way happens to be the ultimate Democrat insider.  What is it that you want because many of us who protested, and had or attended meetings and put our own reputations on the line are confused, sadden and horrified at this sudden reversal of principles.

I truly don’t understand this support for Donald Trump as he is the antithesis of what we have fought for in terms of a return to constitutionally sound government grounded in the country’s founding principles of limited government, freedom, and liberty. Mr. Trump has been a Democrat for years, supported the Clintons, said Hillary would be an excellent President and has continuously lied about conservatives during this election cycle. He has been for abortion, single payer and has never come out forcefully against excessive regulations until he decided to run for the presidency.  He has gone to the same depths of depravity to win that the Democrats have done in the past.  He has attempted to destroy several good men who were running for the nomination with lies and then when it looks like he would play nice he stabs them in the back. I thought our movement was better than this.  I thought we were looking for principled men to lead this country, not reality showmen who masquerade as one thing but are really something else

Additionally, I also do not understand the vitriol which has been directed toward Senator Cruz for doing exactly what we have wanted to see in a politician. He has kept his word to the people of Texas and to the conservative movement.  He has fought alongside us, encouraged us and put his own position on the line in the Senate time and time again to fight for conservative principles.  He has been belittled by party leaders and the establishment and now by the very tea party and conservative participants who stood by him and cheered him on.  And for what?  A Pledge?  You mean the very same pledge that Donald Trump decided to ignore?  Don’t believe me well here is the video to prove it.


Oh and lookie here Senator Cruz is saying the same thing then as he is now – he won’t support someone who attacks the wives, children and families of candidates.  It is wrong no matter who does it and Trump doesn’t even care. He acknowledges in this very video he would not support the eventual nominee should it not be him.  But now people are all indignant because Senator Cruz won’t come out and say I endorse Donald Trump.  As John Stossel would say Give me a break!

I have never been more disappointed in the people I called colleagues and friends than I am now. You’re more interested in winning via a non-conservative candidate than actually winning with a conservative candidate.  You spout constitutional principles and then support a man who has no political or constitutional principles except those that align with the Democrats. You screamed and carried on for the last 7 years about how you were sick and tired of voting for the lesser of two evils and yet you are backing the lesser of two evils.  And to top it off you have turned on the very people who believe in our constitutional principles because they won’t support Donald Trump.  You have tried to belittle us and tell us we are wasting our vote if we vote third party or don’t vote for the president.  You claim if we don’t vote for Trump it’s a vote for Hillary. Are you so naïve to think that they are not saying that same nonsense on the Democrats side? If you don’t vote for Hillary, it’s a vote for Donald. Give me a break!

I will vote for whoever I want to at the top of the ticket, I will work to elect constitutional conservatives down the ticket and I will go to sleep on election night with a good conscience and no regrets.  What I won’t do is vote for a charlatan who has yet to earn my vote and his supporters are doing nothing to change my mind.  Instead, the ridiculous and vitriolic nonsense spewing from those who support Donald Trump is only solidifying my position.  Don’t throw the Supreme Court in my face either.  They are a co-equal branch of government and we need to stop treating them like they have the last word on what is constitutional and what is not. Show me where in the Constitution it places the Supreme Court above the other two branches – please show me.  It doesn’t so stop with the Supreme Court nonsense BECAUSE THE LEGISLATURE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT BRANCH OF GOVERNMENT AS IT REPRESENTS THE PEOPLE.  Instead get back to the basics of our movement which was to elect principled conservatives who will uphold the law, telling the Supreme Court to stuff it when necessary and stopping the President from further administrative state expansion by not being intimidated by so-called groups who we can’t offend thereby not reducing the size of government because they might get mad and not vote us in again.

Stand up for principles, morals, values and have some virtue like our Founding Fathers did.  They did not agree with each other on everything, in fact, several of them hated each other on a personal level but they generally put country before party and country before vendettas.  They believed in liberty, freedom, and the United States.  They were men who stood on principle and did not waffle even if it meant they might be sent into obscurity. They said what they meant and meant what they said.  Their words didn’t just change with the wind but instead through reflection and circumstances over time not whenever it suited them.  Isn’t that who we want as leaders?  Isn’t that why we supported people like Senator Cruz, Lee, Paul and Congressmen Gowdy, and Jordan to name just a few. It is why I joined the tea party movement – why did you?

This article first appeared on napatriotblog.wordpress.com and has been updated by the original author.