Another look at Fred Thompson's Speech

Let’s take a different look at some of the stuff Fred Thompson said in his speech:

1) *Palin ran “the largest state in the union.” *Good point, because we know how much work goes into governing all those vast expanses of unbridled nature. The fact of the matter is there are 19 cities in the country with more people than Alaska.

2) *When referencing Obama there are two questions: “Who is this man?” and “Can we trust him with the presidency?” *Why doesn’t Thompson just call him a Muslim terrorist? The only people who don’t know “this man” at this point in time are ignorant, out-of-touch bigots who employ scare tactics as a substitute for blatant racism.

3) Obama is extremely liberal. Thompson definitely should know something about extremism since his ultra-right-wing policies could make Rush Limbaugh blush.

Here we have another example of a Republican, completely out-of-touch with law and order (I couldn’t resist), acting like he feels the common man’s pain while the Democrats don’t have a clue. How many of the people cheering madly for him last night know he has made over a million dollars as a lobbyist? How about that he helped defend convicted felon Scooter Libby who practically committed treason? Yeah, this is a classy guy who we want to take our cues from.