Jay Townsend for NY-SEN

I was surprised to notice earlier today that there has been little coverage on NY-SEN here on Redstate. While many consider it a foregone conclusion that Chuck Schumer will win again, there is a groundswell forming under Jay Townsend.

While the reader would do well to read up on him themselves and understand his platform, I will say he is a conservative first and Republican second. His stands are exactly where you would hope – small government, reduce taxes, reduce entitlements, military strength and protecting the weak. He has worked in political circles since college, and has long been considered a Reagan Republican; that said, he sees himself as a Tea Party candidate and feels he lives up to the movement’s ideals.

He is winning both the Republican and Conservative parties’ nominations county-by-county, and – with any luck – will be both parties’ candidate against Mr Schumer. If we are that lucky, we have a strong candidate for our cause…