McCain has Finally Realized What Party he is In

I’ve been pulling my hair out the past few months. I went though the loop of candidates during the primary season and cried a little more each day as it became evident that the Republican nominee was going to be McCain. I couldn’t imagine why the Republican Party would decide to slide off to the left so violently. It left me sitting in the cold rain asking for an umbrella. I finally got one.

Sarah Palin has saved John McCain from the conservative mob that has been waiting outside his seven houses with pitch forks and torches since his presumed nomination. The pundits are scratching their heads because they don’t get what the big idea is. The idea is that McCain listened to the conservative base for once. He ignore his maverick itch and did the right thing for a change; what we told him to.

I don’t think Palin will comfort everyone. Some conservatives will never be comfortable with John McCain. I’m sure they’ll realize how bad Obama is within time and decide to give in to the dark side. McCain has finally joined his party but we can’t let him off just yet. Palin was a great start and I hope he continues his walk with the conservative movement. It’s a little sunny over here but he’s bound to get used to it.