I Have Had Enough....

[What Erick said below. And also, you might pass for literate someday if you could use paragraphs. – NS]

The title says it all, I have been reading and studying the last month or so. I have had enough of the lies and distorted truth put out by the Republican Party.This is a huge step for me, I was raised Republican, but I have I have come to a conclusion that Republicans have gone off the deep end. The Republican party does NOT allow dissension and or opposition, they would rather scream and spit hatred towards the Democrats. They do not believe in letting the opposition have a voice, they must overcome it at all costs. The Republicans know NO facts and has rarely ever delivered any to the American People. They have ideas and ideology of the party’s founding policies, those have been forgotten and or thrown out the door with their sanity. The Republicans use and abuse it’s followers, such as the religious and Christians. They pervert and twist the Gospel of Jesus Christ, to fit into their own sick agenda. The Republicans have one mindset, and that is that “the US is good” and all others are bad. The Republicans propagandize it’s followers, and alienate them into fear of the Government. The Republicans use fear to push forward it’s fight against the change and corporate interests, that the Republican Party holds close. The Republicans promise changes in social issues (abortion, gay rights, marijuana legalization, and etc…) while they, themselves are caught up in scandals involving the very issues they demoralize. The Republican party is bigoted and uses hate, to get their constituents up in a “democrat feeding frenzy.” The GOP uses Fox News as their portal to the Conservative sect, and the results are cataclysmic, being that (town hall meeting uproars, threats to Democratic Congressmen, death threats to the President, and etc….). The Republicans worship and even use Fox News anchors as iconic voices of the American people, when they ONLY cater to the Republican agenda and the corporate interests involved therein. The Republican party has become a mighty storm and has lost control of it’s roots, they will end up hurting or killing their opposing party. I am sorry, but I have nothing positive to say about the state of the Republican Party. I once was an avid supporter of this “so called Grand Ole Party,” but those days have withered and died along with the morality of the effectiveness of what used to be the Republican Party. I was raised with strong moral standards, and I have seen in the last year that the Republican Party does NOT show the morals standards as it once did (if they ever had morals). I have had enough of this mess, I will no longer support the Republican Party. I will no longer vote Republican. Thank You and Good Night!