Terror Defense Lawyer Won't Say Americans Were Murdered on 9/11

This video, which I found about via a Human Events email, is unbelievable.

The Youtube page where the video can be found states “Scott Fenstermaker, the lawyer for Ali Abd al-Aziz, KSM & company was interviewed on The O’Reilly Factor tonight. He refused to admit that Americans were murdered on 9/11 and repeatedly disputed the number of Americans who were killed.”

If you have trouble viewing, then here is the link to the Youtube page.

This guy is making a mockery of the people who were murdered on 9/11 as well as all those who lost friends and loved ones on that day.

Shame on Barack Obama, the Attorney General, and the Democrats for allowing this to happen.

This is not justice, this is an insult to those who where lost on that day.

The Democrats must be thrown out in November.

*note – as this video is from late November, I’m sure it was previously posted, so, if I’m duplicating I apologize but this is so outrageous I felt the need to put it up.