You Can't Tweak Socialism

Dear RedState: I posted the following column on my website on Friday, and wanted to share it with you.  Thank you! – Patricia

It has been less than 100 hours since ObamaCare passed the United States Congress, and before most Democrats have even had a chance to read the bill, there are already some early indications that some in our party, as time goes along, will advocate doing something less than a full repeal of the health care takeover which passed on the late hours of March 21.

Indeed, I am deeply concerned as the weeks and months drag on and the time elapses since passage, there will be calls to keep some parts of ObamaCare while repealing others – essentially, an effort to tweak around the edges. As a constitutional conservative, I am completely opposed to this idea for one very simple reason:

You can’t tweak socialism.

We have reached a critical crossroads in our nation’s history, a generational turning point where we will decide what kind of country we will be. The radical left, led by President Obama and Speaker Pelosi, is fully devoted to remaking America into their own image, one founded more in the concept of “We the Government” instead of “We the People”, where power is top down, and where more and more segments of the private sector are either severely regulated or destroyed in favor of government control.
It is for this very reason that “Repeal It” needs to be more than a campaign slogan, but rather a real call to action that we demand our elected leaders won’t back down from. The Republican Party has lost elections before because we campaigned as conservatives, but then compromised with liberals once elected, in a feeble attempt to appear bi-partisan. This cannot happen in 2010 and 2012 – we must be completely committed to the principles of limited government, economic freedom, individual liberty, the rule of law, and a culture of life.

It is for that reason I completely support the legislation sponsored by Michele Bachmann, Steve King, and Jim DeMint to repeal ObamaCare. I believe we must be prepared to fight this battle over the long-haul, because no repeal will likely be passed by Congress until 2011, and it is likely a full repeal will not signed into law until 2013. In the meantime, we must fully support efforts to defund ObamaCare, and embrace challenges to the constitutionality of the legislation, particularly at the state level.
Once ObamaCare is repealed, we can then replace it with legislation that embraces the free market and upholds the Constitution while achieving real reform that lowers costs and increases competition. Any positive segment of the recently-passed bill which is consistent with the Constitution and free-market principles could easily be put forth in a new piece of legislation. However, nibbling around the edges of ObamaCare won’t do and is not consistent with the Constitution.

Make no mistake — the “temptation to tweak” must be resisted. This is not the time for weakness, not when so many founding principles of our country are at stake. In 2010, we must elect committed, constitutional conservatives who have the strength, courage, and principles to stand firm.

In that spirit, I ask you to stand with me.

Patricia Lightner    

Patricia Lightner is a conservative Republican running for Congress in the 3rd District of Kansas.  You can learn more about Patricia via her website or on her Facebook page where she has more than 2000 fans.