My reaction to Scott Brown's Victory

I want to congratulate Scott Brown on his historic victory to the United States Senate. His inspiring, positive, issues-based campaign motivated conservatives, independents, and Reagan Democrats to turn out in droves to support his incredible march to victory.

The Brown victory shows that a principled conservative message can be successful wherever it is tried – even in the bluest of blue states such as Massachusetts. The American people have made it clear they want their government small, open, and honest – and out of the way of their economic and health care choices. They want their taxes low and they believe the economy will grow through empowering entrepreneurs, not government spending. They will not tolerate special favors for unions, special interest groups or Senators to buy votes, nor will they stand for backroom deals carved out behind closed doors after many promises to conduct negotiations out in the open. Such actions smack of corruption and old-time politics, and the American people have said no – and that was proven tonight.

The Brown victory also shows that conservatives everywhere should have the courage of our convictions, to campaign aggressively on our principles of limited government, economic freedom, individual liberty, and the rule of law. That is what my campaign is based on, and it is the message I will continue to proudly carry for the duration of this campaign.

Congratulations to Scott Brown!

Patricia Lightner is a former three-term State Representative and a Republican candidate for Congress in the 3rd District of Kansas.  You can visit her website at http://www.patricialightner.com.