Making My Stand

Ronald Reagan once said “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn’t pass it to our children in the bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same.”

That, my friends, is what the 2010 election is all about. With our economic freedom and individual liberty under constant threat, I believe people both in and out of office must be willing to step forward and speak the truth — particularly in the face of great challenges our nation faces and the consequences we face if we don’t courageously advocate for what we know is right.

As you know, Congressman Dennis Moore has decided to retire from Congress. While welcome news, his decision — and the ensuing interest so many have shown in the race — also inspired me to reflect on my own reason for running.

I’ve been talking and listening to the people of this district since the Olathe Republican Picnic in June. Unlike others, I never needed an internal poll or a retirement statement to spark me to run. All I had to do was look at the lineup of votes Moore is casting which are directly opposed to the principles this country was founded on – not to mention the values of the people of this district.

My feeling was that if our opponents are acting decisively to remake this country into something it was not intended to be, we as conservatives must act decisively to stop them. The people of the 3rd District deserve a courageous voice to represent them in Washington , and once I had the blessing of my husband and family, I decided to start asking the people to be that voice.

I’ve already visited with literally thousands of voters — at town halls, at meet and greets, at the Freedom Fest, at candidate forums, in parades, and in going door to door. It is because of talking with these thousands of people that I was never afraid of challenging Moore – because from talking to them, I have every confidence the voters will respond to common sense conservative message of limited government, economic freedom, and individual liberty.

Moore’s departure does nothing to change this. While people are not happy with the Democrats, they aren’t exactly thrilled with Republicans either. They don’t want just another establishment politician seeking advancement – they want an independent, conservative voice willing to fight for their interests and stand up for truth – not just when it is convenient or politically timely, but when the going is tough as well – which is when steadfast leadership is needed the most.

In fact, Moore’s departure highlights the importance of electing a courageous conservative who won’t only vote right when Republicans are part of a rising tide, but will have the backbone to stand firm when the prevailing political winds shift again – as we all know they will.

This campaign was never about one man or one election – it is about, in the spirit of that quote from Ronald Reagan, fighting for our freedom and passing it on to our children. And it is on that solid ground which I make my stand.

As the establishment tries to figure out who their candidate is going to be, I invite you to support my campaign and get behind a real movement to shakeup Washington — not just to win one victory in one election cycle, but to establish a completely new direction for our country.

Patricia Lightner

Patricia Lightner is a Republican candidate in the 3rd District of Kansas.  Democrat Dennis Moore recently announced his decision not to seek a 7th term in the Republican-leaning district.  You can learn more about Patricia at her website, www.patricialightner.com.