Are you Ready to Reclaim your Liberty?

Thank you for taking time to read my introductory post here on RedState.  It is great to be amongst like minded conservatives who have a core philosophy rooted in the founding principles of our nation, and are not afraid of stating those principles loudly and proudly — while also promoting the candidates who will do the same.

I come to you today as one of those candidates.  My name is Patricia Lightner and I come from the 3rd District of Kansas, one of the many districts we have unfortunately lost since we initially took control of Congress back in 1994.   The 3rd District, once reliably Republican and which still holds a sizable Republican registration advantage, has been held by Democrat Dennis Moore the past 12 years, earning the Republican 3rd District the infamous tag of being a safe Democrat seat. 

Moore, who has always campaigned  as a blue dog, is cognizant of this and has abandoned any remaining notion of that label, voting with Nancy Pelosi 98% of the time.  Whether it be votes for union bosses with card check, for higher energy costs with Cap and Tax, or his pro-government option stance on health care, Moore has made it clear where he stands and it’s in clear opposition to the desires of this right-of-center district.  As a result, some are beginning to wonder if he’s vulnerable. 

I certainly think he is, and it is for that reason that in late August, after winning a local straw poll and talking to my family, I decided to take aggressive steps towards a bid for Congress.   My campaign is based on the fundamental principle of liberty.  I believe that single word represents everything we are fighting for today as we seek to promote conservative principles in an Obama nation…where the ideals we believe in are under constant assault.   As I said in my introductory campaign video (at www.patricialightner.com), it is liberty which promotes individualism and freedom of economic choice.  It is liberty that causes us to stand up for the right to life, so that all may enjoy the pursuit of happiness. 

I need not go down the laundry list of items that this Administration and Congress are attempting to ram through while they have their large majorities.   Make no mistake, the era of big government is back and with it so are skyrocketing deficits, more mandates, fewer freedoms and an unprecedented expansion of government control over private sector decision making that will be increasingly hard to reverse the longer we wait to act and act decisively.

I am acting decisively by entering this race with a full-steam-ahead approach.   I am the only major conservative candidate in the race and have, for the last month, aggressively been reaching out to the voters of the 3rd District.  There has been rarely a day that I have not been out in a parade, at festival, at a tea party, at a town hall, or at one of my own “Ask Patricia” Meet & Greets throughout the district.     I’ve set up an introductory campaign video and have already launched radio ads, which you can view and listen to at http://www.patricialightner.com

Finally, and most importantly, I am going door-to-door with a grassroots strategy which will place myself or a supporter of mine on every doorstep in the 3rd District.  People deserve to know what my principles are, and the best way to communicate those principles is one-on-one. 

I have already started walking, and as I do, I am inspired by the level of interest and attention people are paying towards what is going on in our government.  I hear from people who want someone who believes as they do, that the government which governs best governs least, that the Tenth Amendment is still part of the Constitution, and that the way to economy prosperity and lower health care costs is not higher taxes or  a “competitive public option”, as Moore put it, but through unleashing America’s predominant economic force:  her people.

As a former three-term State Representative and former Majority Whip and Chairman of the Insurance Committee in the Kansas House, I have the legislative experience that I believe will allow me to hit the ground running when it comes to governing.   I have experience in both the public and private sector, as well as a close family that provides me the emotional support and strength necessary to accomplish this great task ahead. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn a little more about me, and I look forward to posting again soon — I promise not to be a drive-by candidate!  In the meantime, to learn more about my complete background and beliefs, visit my website http://www.patricialightner.com or join me on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/PatriciaLightnerforCongress.

God bless,

Patricia Lightner
Former State Representative
Candidate for Congress, 3rd District of Kansas