The Amazing Idiocy of the Liberal Wisconsin Protesters and the Impressive Evidence that the GOP are Growing Cojones


You have to hand it to Scott Walker over there in Wisconsin. In spite of the mounting efforts of the protesting teachers and their Unions, and the members of other Unions… and children (being hauled there by their parents at the urging of the teachers and Unions) who are handed signs to carry, with messages (which they do not understand) and are paraded in front of as many cameras as possible… he (and his fellow republican senators) ain’t backin’ down.

This is impressive. I mean, in the days before the Tea Party, this is usually where the peace loving war mongering Conservatives get all weak-kneed, more willing to run away when their rights and beliefs are being threatened than to stand up and defend them. But Scott Walker is standing his ground… and he is winning. The people who are tired of being intimidated and pushed around are getting fed up with a lot of things, and I think that what is happening in Wisconsin is going to back-fire in ways these liberal idiots (from the president on down) do not (in spite of all the evidence which started this past November) or, refuse to see.

What is taking place in Wisconsin is a highly coordinated effort, all for the purpose of creating the ellusion that these teachers (and their liberal backers) have inspired a massive “grass roots” event on par with the Conservative Tea Party movement. They are pulling out all the stops, spending a lot of money and drawing upon their community organizing repertoire to give the rest of us the impression that the efforts of Scott Walker and the Senate Republicans in Wisconsin to finally make public union employees share the burden of bloated city budgets is overwhelmingly being supported by the greater majority of average citizens who are funding their (higher than average) salaries and benefit packages through their ever increasing taxes. Even the Wisconsin Democrat Senators are showing their support, enacting their own protest against this farce of a budget balancing idea of Scott Walker by turning tail and running off to Illinois to avoid allowing a quorum to vote on the bill. Yeah… THAT’ll show those obstructionist Republicans who’s boss…

Yeah… The people of Wisconsin are gathering in growing numbers… and in a growing number of other cities across America… and they aren’t going to stop coming and they are NOT going to go away until those selfish, insensitive, greedy child-hating (yada, yada, yada) Republicans back off! I mean, lookat all of the people out there protesting… This is just like what the people in Egypt were fighting for!. LOOK at them out there… with their signs and their t-shirts… shouting out all of that violent, hateful rhetoric like, “KILL THE BILL!”… which, ironically, the Tea Party people were condemned for chanting when it came to a protest against ObamaCare and that lovely (not to mention, budget busting) “Stimulus Package”. Didn’t these get Obama’s memo on that civility in politics stuff?


Who cares if many of those signs and t-shirts are pre-printed…This is a spontaneous, organic, grass roots phenomenon, damnit!  So what if most of the people out there were bussed in from other states… some, under duress…and so what if the DNC is involved in recruiting people to show up and who cares if the president is sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong in an effort to fight against what the majority of Wisconsin’s voters elected Scott Walker to do… So what if those voters (as well as the majority of Americans) don’t support what the teachers (and all of these unions, and the DNC AND the president) are doing… I mean, who cares if the teachers are still getting a paycheck… while they are faking being sick… and getting fake excuses from Doctors (right on the street with no charge for an office visit) who didn’t even give them an exam so they can go protest and get paid to not do their job. I mean, talk about your free healthcare program. This is the freakin’ bomb! What taxpaying citizen WOULDN’T be down with that?

protest sign

And so what if thousands of kids are getting screwed out of an education that their parents are still obligated to pay for. So what if those kids are going to be forced to make up these lost days during the summer… with the AC units cranking at the schools (adding to the electric bill… draining all of that precious energy…) to handle the higher temperatures and keep those teachers comfy when they do decide to go back to work… and so what if parents are having to re-arrange their schedules, often missing days at THEIR job (for which they do NOT get paid) to deal with the supervison (or finding and paying sitters) for kids who otherwise be in school and not at home… missing out on all of those new, healthy school lunches (which the kiddies are rejecting) which Michelle Obama is trying to force them to eat while she goes off to Colorado to mow on some bison ribs

But a liberal will always tell you it’s about “the children“. Well, if these teahers in Wisconsin are so damn concerned about “the children”, why aren’t any of them addressing these points?:

  • With Schools Closed, special meals for kids have stopped. Aren’t leftists all worried about feeding poor kids? Do kids have to starve while teachers involve themselves in political rallies?
  • Many kids whose parents work will now be home alone while parents are at work. Why don’t these leftists care that kids are dangerously unsupervised?
  • Many low income families rely on after school programs to help their children. Now this help has been closed by the actions of leftist protestors.
  • Other families are now losing pay as they have working family members that are now staying home because their kids are not in school. This hurts families.
  • All the days that have been missed will now have to be made up at the end of the year and this will cost the schools even more to stay open more days. These extra days will also disrupt families.
  • Were the kids taken from schools to attend the protests last week have parental permission slips filled out? Why did the unions and teachers put the kids safety at risk just to benefit their own salary and benefits?
  • If teachers are claiming that they are all about service to the community, why don’t we just pay them what we pay our soldiers? They shouldn’t mind that, right?
  • If government is the solution to all America’s ills and the supporter of kids, how is it that teachers shutting down state government and Democrats running away to other states to hideout is helping fulfill that charge?

I tell you, I haven’t been this excited and felt this encouraged for the healing of my country since I saw the masses of Tea Party People gathered in Washington at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” ralley. Not only are Conservative American’s standing up to challenge and resist the freedom killing incroachment of liberal rules, regulations and policies… we are starting to WIN! Where we once placated them just to avoid conflict or being called names, now we are saying SCREW off! The answer is not only no but HELL no! The best part is the liberals know they are losing ground. They know we are stronger, that we outnumber them, therefore, we have considerably more power than they do… and they are backing down. Not only that, rather than ease up when we see them backing away… we are stepping toward them, pushing them, SHOVING them back even further to that place they have made the rest of us stand while we have been footing the bill.

tea party resistance

Then I read the piece de la resistance. Not only is Senator Scott Walker “encouraging” the democrats to return to Wisconsin to do their jobs with words… in their absence, Senate Republicans have voted to make those who are hiding out in Illinois and want their paycheck come back to Wisconsin to get it.

Yep, the Senate Committee on Organization voted Tuesday (February 22, 2011) on a 3-2 party line vote to change Senate rules to determine that senators who miss two consecutive floor days can no longer take advantage of the direct deposit process and have their salary arrive conveniently into their bank account. Democrats who have already missed at least two consecutive floor sessions are now required to return to Wisconsin to get their paychecks directly from Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald (R-Juneau)… on the floor of the  Wisconsin Senate. In fact, the new rule reads as follows:

“The majority leader shall provide the checks only to the absent Senator and only on the floor of the Senate during a session day.”

When asked by Sean Hannity if he (or his fellow Republican Senators in Wisconsin) are wearing down against this explosion of (fabricated) protest in his state, Mr. Scott had this to say:

I think our Senate Republicans, our assembly Republicans have only grown stronger. They are not going to be intimidated by union leaders from Washington or any other state. They’re going to listen to the people of Wisconsin. They elected us overwhelmingly, to balance the budget not only now but to make sure we make a commitment to the future instead of dire consequences for our children in the future. So, we are not going to back down. We are doing the right thing for the right reasons and in the end, you know, democracy means participating. We are going to stand up for the people.


With what I see happening in Wisconsin and across my beloved country, I am very encouraged. Not so much by the fact that the liberals are again acting like nuts… but by the fact that (along with the Tea Party Conservatives) some of our representatives are finally realizing they have a pair.