Schumer gives Reid $500K?

The New York Times Reports:

Senator Charles E. Schumer shipped $500,000 to Nevada in recent weeks to help Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader and Mr. Schumer’s political patron and close friend, as he fights for his political life.

At the same time Mr. Schumer, a New York Democrat, made out a smaller check, for $20,000, to the Democratic Party in Vermont, where the gift earned him the good will of Senator Patrick J. Leahy, even though Mr. Leahy is not believed to be in any serious re-election jeopardy.


At the same time, the Nevada Democratic Party reports:

Today the Nevada State Democratic Party filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission over illegal coordination by GOP candidate Sharron Angle’s U.S. Senate campaign and former primary opponent Danny Tarkanian’s political committee. ***View the complaint here.***

The complaint aledges that, although Danny Arcanian lost to Sharon Angle in the Navada Republican Primary, he is now actively campaigning for her. Not only is HE offering asistance in Sharon’s campaign, Danny’s wife joined in calling hundreds of people to ask them to support Harry Reids opponent (gasp)… Sharron Angle. Not only that, Danny is participating in speaking engagements in support of Sharron Angle… And he is doing radio and TV spots and engaging in other public communications… In fact:

“Tarcanian appears to be working as an agent in the Angle campaign.”

Not only that… his expenditures have exceeded the legal limit not only for personal contributions to a specific candidate but to a political committee.

Their Legal Analysis:

“Pursuant to U.S.C Ruling 441a(a) (7) (B) (i), “expenditures made by any person in cooperation, consultation, or concert with, or at the requst or suggestion of, a candidate, his authorized political committees, or their agents, shall be considered shall be a contribution to such candidate”.


The coordination between Angle and her DC handlers and Danny Tarkanian makes the expenditures of Tarkanian’s committee – on radio ads, a website and numerous media appearances in recent weeks – an illegal in-kind contribution to Angle’s campaign well in excess of the legal limit of $5,000.

The New York Times says:


Mr. Schumer, one of the party’s most prolific fund-raisers, has distributed $4 million from his own campaign coffers to the party and his colleagues this election cycle, including the $500,000 turned over to the Nevada Democratic Party to help Mr. Reid. Mr. Durbin has given nearly $500,000 to the campaign effort of Senate Democrats, and has appeared at fund-raisers and events and barnstormed with Mr. Reid.

Soooo… can someone please explain to me why it is worth legal action to complain that Tarcanian’s efforts in support of Sharron Angle (“valued” by some democrats at well over the $5K contribution limit) but it’s okay that Chuckey has “shipped out “$520,000.00 worth of contributions to two democrat candidates over and above his appearances at”fund-raisers and events and barnstormed with Mr. Reid”?

In any case, this is a just another sign that the liberals know they are doomed. But Chuckey, being the good liberal vulture he is, has not only taken flight over the Nevada desertto circle the sky in anticipation of Harry’s political demise… he paid $500K to make sure he got first pick at the carcass.