Obama Hits New Low - 37% - Olympic Committee Strips Lindsey Vonn of Gold Medal

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The Harris Poll  (conducted by Harris Interactive) reports that Barack Obama has hit (yet another) “all time low” since the incipience of his presidency… 37%…

It’s perhaps not surprising that nine in ten Republicans (90%) and Conservatives (89%) give the job the president is doing negative ratings. What may be surprising is that one-third of Democrats (34%) and Liberals (33%) also give him negative ratings, as do seven in ten Independents (70%) and six in ten Moderates (60%).


Another thing that is “surprising” about this news… the use of the word “SHOCK“…

I’m not shocked… Are you shocked?… I’m not shocked…

Considering the rise (and continued growth) of the Tea Party in revolt of this president’s (and his administration’s and supporter’s) socialist agenda and the blatant desecration of our Constitution and the pending “avalanche“, which (even with all of the determination and money he throws at it) the “Spooky Dude“, George Soros himself “can’t stop”… Why on earth could ANYone be “shocked” that Obama’s latest poll numbers show further plummeting of his approval? Even the democrats and liberals (isn’t it interesting they see them as two separate entities – rather like republicans and conservatives?) give him horrid approval numbers… Even candidates in his own party are running away from him… Former supporters are questioning him… abandoning him… everyone, in every demographic are turning their backs on Obama and anyone who supports him… And his approval numbers have hit “a new low”?… WHY IS THIS A “SHOCK“?

Why don’t we start using more “appropriate” words… like… “Validation of What You Already Know” Poll or the… “Not That This Comes as a Surprise” Poll?

I mean, it’s silly to even think that there is anyone out thre who isn’t aware that the democrats are going to get their proverbial clocks cleaned on November 2nd… How else do you explain all of the ramped up/frantic/last ditch attempts by the liberal cheaters to undermine the pending onslaught of doom being wrought upon their party by the march of angry Americans to the voting booth by (once again) engaging in the (this time, quite anticipated, uncovered and revealed) democrat/liberal tradition of registration and voter intimidation/disenfranchisement/fraud?… AND THEY NOW THEY ARE STILL GOING TO LOSE!

Okay, imagine this scenario:

Bus Driver drunk… drives toward cliff… passengers scream “STOP”… driver tells them to screw off… refuses to stop… some passengers resist while others attempt to fight them off… the rest remain in their seats hoping someone else with save them… Resistant passengers see time is running out… they open windows, wiggle through small openings and leap from bus incurring many injuries but do survive their escape… Driver sees some remaining passengers now suspect they are in danger and as they attempt to flee the last few faithful passengers attempt to restrain the others who are escaping while Driver shoves foot to accelerator and drives bus over edge of cliff… Driver and those last few passengers who remained in support of his Bus Tour die in fiery crash…

Now tell me… Were you reporting the above story, would your headline contain the word “SHOCK” regarding the fact that this event produced some casualties?

Anyway… I received a gloriously “appropriate” e-mail today, which not only describes the forthcoming demise of the democrat’s control of congress on November 2nd… but the equally fatal consequences facing the democrats in 2012…

It reads:

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