"Third Party Candidates" - PREDICTION accurate... the SOURCE?... not so much...

As the Tea Party began to surge upon the political landscape (and scaring the crap out of liberals), there came an “Newton’s Law of Motion-esque” prediction (predominantly from the left as a lame “warning” to those of us on the right) that if we continued our support of the Tea Party surge an “equal yet opposite reaction” would occur by a way of a phenomenon known as “The Third Party Candidate” who would take votes away from Republicans…. Ooooooooo

Well, while the prediction that the Tea Party Movement would inspire the coming of “Third Party Candidates”, the Ninny-Nellie Nostradomuses of the liberal left (and cowardly right), were wrong in their predictions of where they would come from.

While the surge of the Tea Party HAS fulfilled the prophecy of the dreaded Third Party Candidate… they are NOT “Tea Party Members” running on their own ticket… The are called “Independents Formerly Known as Republicans”… (or, more accurately… “The New Sore Losers Club”)

sore losers club specter

Lisa Murowski… although she hasn’t gotten around to making it official yet… (too busy stuffing her head down that hole in the sand called “denial” I guess…)… Charlie Crist… Mike Castle… (who also can’t quite “come out of the closet”)…  Arlen SpecterWe know who you really are, and the Tea Party, amongst all of it’s other purifying measures, has made something else very clear. You are no longer welcomed here in the CONSERVATIVE Republican Party… Pack your horns and go home… and, as the Tea Party tide continues to beat against the political shoreline, the Sands of more Shifty Republicans like all of you will continue to be washed back to sea.

So, take heart, my friends. While some see the Tea Party Movement as some horrific storm lashing against the Republican Party, it’s a good thing… and the BEST thing about a really good storm is that, once it has passed, all that was weak will have been swept away and that which remains will be cleansed. 

After November’s storm we will revive and save our country from the Liberal Vultures who are circling the skies in ravenous anticipation of her death…


But do not feel sorry for them. Although they will not have the carrion of our Country to feed upon as they now “hope”, they will remain well fed with the carcasses of the many RINO’S we will continue to toss to them.

Susan Collins… Olympia Snow… Dede Scozza-whats-her-name

rinos doom

and while this post (and/or this photo) might cause this post to be deleted by our glorious moderators… I’m sorry… I can’t resist… It is the best visual I have ever seen to describe my sentiments regarding Traitors like Crist and Specter.

rino 2
SO many Rinos… SO little time…