Obama B. Demille - Calling Once Again on his Inner "Cecil" to create his "Cast(s) of Thousands"

Come on… You have to admit, it’s getting pretty funny over there on the left.

Let’s start with the farce called the “One Nation Working Together Debackle Rally”. Where the attendants of Glenn Beck’s rally were average citizens who paid and made their own way to Washington, the liberal gathering was full of purple-shirted security thugs members of SEIU and gaggles of Communists and Socialists and other union workers who were TOLD they HAD to attend and bus loads of others who were paid to add to the body count.

And we all know how well that worked out…

rallie comps

Check out this little clip of the bright-eyed enthusiasts (Students from the Key Club at the High School for Mathematics, Science and Engineering at City College) who were interviewd after the rally. As one young man lets the proverbial cat out of the bag and reveals (a story corraborated by others in the group), that the only reason they came was to receive SSL (Student Service Learning) Hours (reqired by some state governments in order for students to graduate) one quick thinking young lady (clutching her rolled up purple evidence poster) quickly intergects that they also came because they were “interested”… (although she did not specify anything what she was “interested in, besides those extra SSL Hours, or whether she would have been “interested” enough to go had those “SSL Hours” not neen offered as incentive). Pay particular attention to the purple-shirted SEIU membrs who begin hovering nervously in the background…

You just can’t make his stuff up.

 But I thin I am catching on. I mean, it’s all starting to make sense really.

For The One, who uses the advice of George Cloony for such things as  “presentation, public speaking and body language” (not to mention, Mid-East foreign policy) it is not a far stretch to suppose The One is also drawing from the staging experience of his many Hollywood pals to create, in the grand style of Cecil B. Demille, those uber-impressive “crowd scenes” which the liberal media loves to show us whenever their favorite “Rock Star” makes an appearance.

In a time before computer-generated imagery, the “cast of thousands” in DeMille films like The Ten Commandments required literally tens of thousands of people, and a master like DeMille issuing the instructions.

Back in 2008 when Obama was running for President, his casting directors honed the art of drawing large crowds to give the illusion that these people came to see Obama. It’s called “The Free Concert”. They did it in Berlin… (failing to mention the appearance of TWO popular German bands, reggae artist Patrice and rock band Reamonn) and in Oregon… (where thy failed to mention the appearance of a rare, 45-minute free concert by The Decemberists) and in Philadelphia… (where they failed to mention Bruce Springsteen), yet afterward, the liberal meda flooded our newpapers and TV screens with impressive images like this…

 obama crowd

obama college scene

… intentionally giving the world the false impression that these masses were dawn (as if prompted like some spontaneous grass-roots pilgrimage) to a specific location of (sometimes) great distance, for the sole purpose of being in the presence of Barack Obama and to hear him read his teleprompter speak.

Well, they are at it again. They did it in Wisconsin… (failing to mention the free pre-concert by Ben Harper) and most recently, the 2010 reduex of the “free concert” crowd in Philadelphia, (although they did have to settle for the hip-hop group, The Roots, rather than Bruce Sringsteen) after which the loyal liberal media, like The New York Times, documented the event with photos like this…

 obama pa

 Rather than ones like…. this

  jewish shoe toss


………….. or this……………… 

obama book

Look coser…

obama book close up


Yep… someone in the audience literally “threw the book” at Barack Obama’s head in Philadelphia. Of course, when someone threw a shoe at George Bush the liberal media used that clip for their daily visual masturbations…  but they don’t seem to get the same jollies when Obama is the target.

Philadelphia was just the second of four large rallies planned, all designed to “recapture some of the big-stage excitement” that the free concerts Obama created in 2008 by offering MORE free concerts before the teleprompter readings stirring speeches he gives before thousands of “young and first-time voters”. One of them, 24-year-old Juan James Rodriguez even dusted off the crowd pleasing art of “streaking” for a promised $1 million dollar payment by billionare Alki David to the first person who streaks in front of President Barack Obama – providing they write the name of his website ‘Battlecam’ across their chest”, of course… only, I don’t think it was the sight of the website address on Juan’s chest that the lady in the red t-shirt was trying to avoid…

 obama streaker


Well, I guess this was inevitable. I mean, we all know what happens when Obama believes all of this rubbish regarding his popularity… and he can actually draw those same free concert “masses” with his own name alone. He has tried… Lord knows he has tried… And as the mid-term elections draw near, stories of Barack Obama’s embarrassing difficulties in filling even the smallest of venues is serving as some delicous fodder fo all of us over here on the right. From slashing ticket prices (only to still fail to fill a mere 650 seats) to sending out his peeps to BEG those “young and first-time voters” on college campuses to PLEASE come watch Obama read his teleprompter again… he still falls sort of a full house and hands us gun-tote’n Bible clutchers yet another steaming platter of punch lines. He is being heckled by gay activists in New York… and in San Fancisco… by African Americans in Florida…. and by those all important young, first time voters in Maryland… At town halls and back-yard chit-chats from Iowa to Albuquerque, his own supporters are starting to ask… “Is this it?”


And now, The One and his many directors are literally sending out “casting calls” to “screen” and fill the wide screen with bodies who have the proper look and view to make Obama look good. He’s even dusting off the same old teleprompter tapes he used in 2008… I mean, seriously… I am laughing my butt off over here.

And then there was this priceless moment, one single, hilarious sight-gag, which not only revealed the future of the democrat party in November but served as an omen for Barack in 2012.
I tell you… the poor guy can’t catch a break these days.



Remember this photo?

flags 1

… and this one?

obama flags 3

… and this one?

obama flags 2

 Well, I like THIS one the best.

obama trash