Looking for the Pony in a Pile of Liberal Horse[EXPLETIVE)

I am sitting here watching the rescue attempts to finally extract the Miners who have been trapped a half mile below the surface of the earth for the and I am prying for the smooth running of their pending freedom. I am also proud… proud of the American efforts making this moment possible. It was an American who was singled out to drill the access hole into which the rescue cage will be lowered to lift them out. It was NASA who provided the high calorie drinks, which the miners have been living on to better insure that their physical conditions would be better tolerant of what will be a physically stressful event… and then I began thinking of all of the other times when America came to the rescue of the citizens of other countries… From being the first to respond in the aftermath of natural disasters, like the earthquake in Haiti, the floods in Pakistan and Mozambique. And when the people of other nations are suffering beneath brutal leaders, like we did in WWI… WWII… Iran, Iraq… Afghanistan… we even send our soldiers who risk their own lives in an effort see that they are spared… Not only did we come to their rescue them from the deadly regimes of psychotic, tyrannical dictators, we stayed after to help build schools and hospitals, to dig wells and construct irrigation pipelines to brings clean water to homes and to restore and improve access to electricity in areas where it had previously never existed. We also stay to train their own soldiers, their own police… teaching them how to nurture and maintain the seeds of freedom we planted there. Their streets are safer. They no longer live with the daily fear of Saddam and his psychopath sons. Businesses are reopening and new ones are springing up. They use cell phones and the internet freely without fear of imprisonment, torture and death… They, even women… vote.

I have never understood why the liberals have such an intense hate and animosity toward a Country with such good people doing so much when the citizens of other countries are in need. More specifically, I can’t for the life of me comprehend why our very own President feels the need to repeatedly apologize to the rest of the world for our accomplishments and (in fact) for our very existence. Yes, we’ve had some not so shiny moments. But, for the most part, we are a generous, loving, compassionate and courageous people. Our President even seems to think this land called “America” was off before we got here and would be a better place if we’d just pack up and leave. He seems to believe our presence has brought nothing of value to these United State or to any other part of the world for that matter. To liberals, we are a plague, we are nothing more that greedy barbarians who invade an conquer and plunder other lands and give absolutely nothing in return…

And the liberals aren’t the only ones griping. Even the ones we help complain… we didn’t come first fast enough… we didn’t do enough… We either didn’t stay long enough or we stayed way too long. We just can’t win sometimes.

When these liberal pea-brains and these ungrateful recipients of or money and rescue efforts start going off on another of their America slamming rants I always get so angry… And anger is such a waste of energy. So, rather than let it get to me, I think of this instead.

And then I feel much, much better.