Charlie Crist - New Campaign Ad (nothing new)

By the content of previous posts… you may have gathered I am not much of a Charlie Crist fan.

Personally, I think he’s a hack… another “pretty boy” who thinks he deserves to be vaulted to higher places of power simply by virtue of his own belief that he looks good on camera and he likes the sound of applause… But against his many campaign promises he made to become my Governor, he has accomplished nothing of value. He flip-flops on everything from Drilling our own oil in the Gulf to what political party to which he will attach himself for political expediency, all subject to change after the release of the next opinion poll on whatever issue is popular or when he speaks with conviction before a different crowd of people who oppose the thing to which he vowed his total support to someone else the day before.

And now he has put forth his new campaign ad…

Did you catch that?

“as an Independent, I will take the best ideas of democrats and republicans to get things done.” (emphasis his)

In his own (carefully scripted) words in his own campaign ad for the US Senate, this man just admitted everything I have been saying about him over the past year:

A) He will “take the best ideas of democrats” (first) and (give secondary, honorable mention to the ideas of) “republicans” and

B) He admits he has no ideas of his own but will instead “take the best ideas” of the people in the other parties (who at least TRY to take a clear position on an issue) in order to “get things done” and

C) …………… He actually approved this message of pure incompetance.

What “things”? WHAT “things” does he think need to “get done”? As usual, he avoids specifics. He just dresses nicely, rearranges a few letters around and poses with his best “look of serious focus and consternation” as he attempts to spell the WORD American (by “taking” letters from the words someone else took the time to arrange on the set) without directly addressing or taking a clear position on one damn thing American’s are freaking out on.

Like Obama (his idol) Charlie Crist was born in campaign mode and (like Obama who spent most of his time as senator campaigning to be president) rather than doing his job as governor Charlie Crist is wasting the time and tax dollars of all Floridians to also campaign for higher political ground. 

This man cannot seriously think he will become a senator.

Not in this precarious economic climate.

Not in my State.

Not in my lifetime.