"Carlos in DC" - Shocking Video Evidence of Rampant Teaparty Racism & Violence

I found this interesting web page called… Carlos in DC, wherein, “Carlos” posted his own photos and his “first” video of “evidence” of the “hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry, lies” and “manipulation” he went looking for and “saw” at Glenn Beck’s “Restoring Honor” rally in Washington DC.

He wrote:

It was supposed to be a day to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream.

photo 1

What I saw at Glenn Beck “Restoring the Honor” Rally was hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry, lies, manipulation.

 photo 3

If THIS is what this country should look like, I’m more than concerned.


So… “Carlos” (the champion of tolerance) in his effort to prove the rally was nothing more than a cesspool of “hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry, lies” and “manipulation” walks amidst the rally crowd (whom he says,  “look dumb” and “need to see they are aging in disgrace”) and takes a photo of an overweight woman to support his opinion that it is them, the “Teabaggers” (not people like him) who do not “want a United States of diversity and coexistence with people who don’t agree or look like them.” Oh yeah…. “And they have guns“!

While the photos and childish rant of “Carlos” fail miserably to give any evidence of the “hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry” and “lies” at the rally (other than the “hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry” and “lies” he brought with him), he does manage give us an excellent example of “manipulation” through the visual documentation of his multiple attempts to create some.

The video begins with Carlos interviewing a black man on a bike who (although not attending the rally) shares his negative thoughts on the rally and the “white people” making their way to the event… I invite you to watch the interview…but you will have to strain hard to hear his commentary. You see, it is somewhat difficult to hear the man talking about how “this Nation is never gonna be what it should be if we all don’t come together…” because, as he is whining about how “sad” he is in “watching this demonstration”, his words are all but smothered by the sound of the thousands of voices AT the rally as they are singing, “This little light of mine… I’m gonna let it shine…” (lead, incidentally, by an African American Choir… a song neither Carlos nor the black man on the bike seem to hear).

Carlos continues his hunt for some hate-filled Teabaggers” and spots a man in the crowd who “isn’t white”. In fact, this man looks suspiciously to be of Mexican American decent…. EurEka!… So Carolos, with stealthy focus, approaches the man. Surely this man will agree that the “Angry Crowd of [Mostly] White People” surrounding them “don’t want a United States of diversity and coexistence with people who don’t agree or look like them”. The interview goes bad from the beginning with the Mexican-American looking man asking “Carlos”… “why are you trying to bring color into it?”

Carlos: “Why do you think there aren’t more non-white people…?”

Mexican-American Looking Male (Interrupting Carlos): “This is American freedom, there’s a lot of black people, you just haven’t seen ’em. There are a lot of Hispanic people that are here. You just haven’t seen ’em. It’s a big crowd. You’re standing here where the toilets are and looking for… you know… It’s not a color thing….”

(Carlos tries to interrupt…)

Hispanic Male (won’t let him): “That’s bull s… That’s a lie. You’re making it up. You’re lying. There’s no one here that’s racist. We’re all here to celebrate Martin…”

(Carlos tries to interrupt again)

Hispanic Male (still will not let him): “No, you’re making it up… You’re making a video so you can show somebody that you’re being harassed. It’s not true. I’m Hispanic. I’m from Venezuela…”

Carlos (interrupts again): “Can you just calm down…?”

Hispanic Male: “No….”

Carlos: “I’m just trying to interview you… “

Hispanic Male: “You are offending my efforts. No… You’re… yeah.. You’re interview is reflecting…”.

Carlos abandons the interview. The Hispanic Male was supposed to be angry WITH him, not “at” him… and as Carlos leaves, a man who witnessed the exchange advises,  when you’re “sticking your camera in people’s face and trying to make something up” that’s going to be the reaction you’ll get.

But Carlos remains undaunted. He is determined to manipulate find more evidence of hate. He spies another Hispanic looking male in the crowd, another chance to prove there are (other) angry people there (besides him)… He approaches the man with renewed hope…

Carlos: “Can I ask you a question? Are you Mexican-American?”

2nd Mexican-American Looking Male: “I come from Texas, guy. Actually, I’m an American of Mexican Descent.”

Carlos: “Can I just ask you one question”?

2nd Mexican-American Looking Man: “I think if you’re here illegal you should go back.”

Carlos: “Right….”

Damn… Well, that interview went the wrong way… again… But, not to be discouraged… Carlos finds another one of those elusive black people in the crowd…

Carlos: “I was asking why you are like the sixth African American person I’ve seen at this rally and why there’s no more black or brown people here…?”

Black Male (in the company of his white friends): “I can’t speak for them. I think a lot are afraid… to come out. There are black (inaudible). Because once… once anyone gets an idea that you’re not supporting the first black president… then people… they have a tendency to ostracize you… and that’s part of the strategy in, in keeping… opposition away from him, to have people fearful of ostracization and so… I refuse to do that.”

Carlos tries once again to manipulate get the black man to admit the whole racist theme of the rally… but the man’s comments (and the visual of him next to his white friend with their arms draped over each other’s shoulders) aren’t quite giving Carlos the “racist” evidence he is looking for so… he moves on… He finds a retired (racist) white man of the US Cavalry, come all the way from from Colorado… Yeah. THIS aught to be a GOOD source for a juicy racist rant…

Carlos: “Hey, what’s the main reason why you came to this rally today?”

(Racist) White Man: “To support America. That’s it.”

Carlos: “You think it is a difficult time for this Country right now?”

(Racist) White Man: “It is.”

Carlos: “And now (here it comes… wait for it… wait for it…) if Sarah Palin ran for the presidency, would you vote for her?”

(Racist) White Man: “Oh, I don’t know. That’s none of your business.”

 AhHA! If THAT didn’t prove “hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry” and “lies”, NOTHING will.

Carlos is on a roll now. He’s on fire… and for his vigilance the liberal gods bless him with the discovery of two young liberal activists, people retreating from the event. They are shaken, wounded, making their escape after just having been brutally “attacked” and “clawed like a wild animal”.  In their hands, they clutch what remains of their torn and crumpled hand-made protest signs (which they and these other liberal idiots who can’t follow simple directions were told not to bring to the rally).

The woman’s banner is folded. You cannot read it. Carlos takes advantage of the moment to grab a manipulated spontaneous interview with her as she stands waiting for him to re-start the film quickly passes by.

Carlos: “Excuse me, you guys, what’s the response so far? How you been treated bother you in some way?”

(Random) Young (Liberal) Female (Activist – who resumes is too afraid to stop her manipulated fearful exodus): “Yeah we got attacked (nervous laughter).”

Carlos (with manipulated genuine horror and concern for her safety): “Are you serious?”

(Random) Young (Liberal) Female (Activist) : “Yeah they ripped this sign and then they scratched (not sure what to call him?)… my friend.”

Carlos quickly turns his camera to the random Young Male liberal activist (wearing a faded “Obama ’08” T-Shirt) in the company of the random young liberal female activist who is also fleeing the dangerous scene. In his hand he has the small, “white” 8-1/2″ x 11″-ish hand-made sign whereupon he has scrawled a harmless and completely inoffensive expression of his First Amendment Right:

“It’s because of the 1 Amendment that Glenn Beck can spew his filth from those steps”


Carlos (to Random Young (Liberal) Male (Activist in “Obama ’08” T-Shirt) “And what made you guys come out to this rally you knowing that it was… kinda… risky?”

(Random) Young (Liberal) Male (Activist): “I wanna know that not everybody supports racism and bigotry.”

Carlos: “Absolutely.”

(Random) Young (Liberal) Male (Activist): (Inaudible) racism and bigotry to (inaudible) drive it like (?) (inaudible) like plural(?)”

Carlos (sharing his own near-death story): “I’ve been brutally attack and pushed three times so far.”

(Random) Young (Liberal) Male (Activist): “Yeah I mean look at this” (displaying undistinguishable bloodied tiny scratch gaping wound on his forearm),  “I was clawed like a wild animal!”

Carlos: “Really? Who could do that?

(Random) Young (Liberal) Male (Activist): “People asked if I was an American…”

And the atrocities did not end there. On his website, Carlos gives further testimony, in writing,  of the many other horrors beset upon him at the hands of these savage”Teabaggers”.

An angry old man told me to “go back to Mexico” when I tried to interview him, that I don’t “belong here”. Another man pushed me really hard when I was interviewing someone and told me to “shut up” while her wife said “you better leave right now!” I’m not making anything of this up.

While I was there, I did not have a single minute of peace. This wasn’t a celebration of courage, charity nor honor. To me, this wasn’t anything to be proud of. Since the moment I got in the Metro train early in the morning, to the time when I was on my way back home, I got “the look”, pushed twice in the train, and overheard comments about “illegals” and things alike.

This lady pushed me away from “her spot” saying that she has no patience “for people like you”.

Oh the humanity… Come to think of it…  this sad lament of persecution reminds me of a commercial


<img src=”” alt=”geico” />

But I digress…

The closing interview in this frightening saga of survival for Carlos and so many others who barely escaped with their lives is by far the most damning… Carlos has spotted a Priest sitting on a hill.

Carlos: “And, and, and the,… the question is, why does America, I see mostly, you know, European descendant people here and I don’t know if that’s America today.”

(Obviously racist) Priest: “Well, it’s, it’s certainly part of America. It’s not, it’s not all of America. Uh… I mean… Look at the day we’re coming here to gather, on the anniversary of a great American…”

Carlos (not interested in talking about Martin Luther King, Jr., interrupts): “I count-es 27 black people and, probably a little bit more of Latinos…”

(Obviously racist) Priest (interrupts): “Is that the fault of Glenn Beck?”

Carlos: “No, no. That’s what I… saw. That is what I’m telling you. Why do you think his message is not reaching out to non-white people?”

(Racist) Priest: “That’s a good question. That’s, that’s a good question. I think, I think one reason is because…. people are dishonest about his message. I think, to be honest with you, I think people like yourself… you, you don’t know what the guy really says but you have no use for him, and I think that kind of ignorance has spread. It’s spread among, probably among minority communities…”

(Sidebar: At approximately 09:37, while the priest attempts to answer the question regarding why Glenn’s “message is not reaching out to non-white people”, a black male can be seen entering the shot on his bike from the right side of the screen to stop just over the left shoulder of the priest. The video stops abruptly… and jumps forward (to a place where the black male is no longer in view…) where Carlos is in the middle of some other thought (even though the “black” tire of his bike is still visible laying on the ground.)

Carlos: “… because a lot of his messages are sort of… racist.”

(Racist) Priest: “Like what? That’s not racist.”

Carlos: “Like the things he talks about Mexicans… the things he talks about (inaudible) immigrante, the things he talks about Barack Obama being a communist, or being a socialist…”

(Racist) Priest: “And that makes him a racist?”

Carlos: “Well, well, he’s intended towards it. He, he characterizes Barack Obama as…”

(Racist) Priest: “No, it’s people like, people… when you generalize that, where have you been? People like yourself, when people disagree with you, you immediately start, you call them a racist…”

Carlos: “No, no, no. I did not. I say some of the things he says…”

(Racist) Priest; “That’s a nice way of saying he’s a racist.”

Carlos: “Well, I should should speak louder okay. E’speeches can sound differently…”

(Racist) Priest: “Give me examples of racist actions or racist speech about Glenn Beck.”

Carlos: “Just look at the crowd today…”

(Racist) Priest: “You see racism here…? Wha… are you crazy?”

Carlos: “No, this is an expression of racism because if, if black people or brown people will be embraced by Glenn Beck…”

(Racist) Priest (Confused… Interrupting): “Were there people at the gates not letting people of a certain color in?”

Carlos: “No… and that’s what I’m saying. I mean it’s a result of his speech. The things that he promotes. l, l , I’m saying is like, if I felt welcomed here I’m sure more people, you now, that is not of European descent would come here. That’s what I’m saying.”

(Racist) Priest (still confused): “I, I’m not sure, still don’t know why you’re not feeling welcome here.”

And so it is, having confidence this racist priest has just verbally proven the “hatred, racism, ignorance, fear, revenge, bigotry” and “lies” (expressed by the liberal activists “Angry Crowd of [Mostly] white people” who protested gathered against in support of the “Teabagger’s”… “Restoring Honor” rally, which “was supposed to be a day to honor Martin Luther King Jr.’s Dream” and not the “sad example of the deep racial division this country faces today”, that he “saw”)…. his video comes to an end.

Thank you Carlos, for going through all of that effort to create and post a whole website and a video full of evidence to further prove that it isn’t “us”… but rather liberal morons like you, (who infiltrate and try to manipulate violence at otherwise peaceful Tea Party events) who do not “want a United States of diversity and coexistence with people who don’t agree or look like” YOU!

Unfortunately, buddy, what you do not seem to realize is that “the ignorance” you documented was you own.

So… Carlos… “Why do you think his (Glenn’s) message is not reaching out to non-white people?”

Perhaps this video, (of a few of your liberal friends confronting some other non-white people they “saw” at the rally), will help you answer your own question.



<img src=” ” alt=”rally” />

After all, it is important to make people aware of what is really going on at these dangerous events because, “If this radicalization continues, violence will explode.”……………………….. Right, you jack-wagon Carlos?


… cry baby

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