Obama Finally Admits: "...we are very disruptive"

Unfortunately this epiphany had nothing to do with a sudden cognecence of the inconveniences he and his wife (not to mention his entire administration and all of the “progressive” entities he empowers) are inflicting on America. It was regarding the long awaited decision by himself and his wife not to attend “a single church” after all. Like many of the promises made my our Glorious, Historic Leader, he has been dangling the proverbial carrot to prove he is a good “Christian” and “would be a president “guided by his Christian faith“,

Back in January of 2008 while steering his presidential campaign toward the Bible Belt, Obama felt compelled to assure Believers of his Christian faith:

“I’ve been to the same church _ the same Christian church _ for almost 20 years,”

The campaign distributed an open letter from seven Jewish senators condemning the attacks and campaign representatives blanketed South Carolina churches with literature that touted Obama’s Christian faith. Seems to me a lot of effort and rather reminds me of something my grandmother once said:

“When someone has to try that hard to convince you of something it’s becuase they know it isn’t already obvious.”

Unfortunately for Obama, in spite of his exhaustive efforts to conceal large portions of his past, the videos of Jeremiah Wright’s racist, Anti-American sermons surfaced on the internet and inspired some serious questions regarding sincerity and the motivation behind the need to post this on his website…

 committed christian

 Of course, in a manner which would become all too familiar when faced with questions he cannot (or will not) answer, Obama avoided explaining WHY he stayed in THAT church for almost 20 years by claiming he never heard such remarks (during the entire 20 years) and quickly tossed his “Spiritual Mentor” under the bus.

After winning the presidency, Obama (with the aid of Time Magazine) continued attempts to silence critics and to calm those who doubted his “Christian Faith” by announcing that (since Barack seemed to have some difficulty discerning whether or not a minister’s words might be considered inflammatory) White House aides and friends (not the Obama’s themselves) were “visiting local churches and vetting the sermons of prospective first ministers in a search for a new — and uncontroversial — church home”. Obama himself even attended two different churches, attending services at 19th Street Baptist on the weekend before his inauguration and St. John’s Episcopal Church on Easter. Then in what was described as an, “unexpected move”, Obama told White House aides that rather than joining a congregation in Washington, D.C., he would make Evergreen Chapel at Camp David (the same non-denominational chruch attended by George Bush) “his primary place of worship”.

Time Magazine writer, Amy Sullivan explained that a number of factors drove the decision to choose Evergreen Chapel, “but chief among them was the desire to worship without being on display”. She told us that Obama was “taken aback by the circus stirred up by his visit to 19th Street Baptist in January” as well as at St. John’s, which is actually so accustomed to presidential visitors and the crowds they draw that it is known as the “Church of the Presidents”.
Excuse me but…  Are we really supposed to believe that a man who has spent most of his presidency making televised speeches in the largest venues possible, throwing parties, appearing on TV talk shows, attending multiple fundraisers and scheduling more photo-ops than any other president in history gives a flying woo-hoo wheather or not his decisions might be “very disruptive” or not? He certainly didn’t seem to care how disruptive his choice was to the busload of kindergarteners he blew off to have a photo-op with the Steelers (not to mention the school who had to schedule the event… and the parents who readied their excited children early and drove them to the school or the person who drove them in the chartered bus all the way to the White House just to be told they had to turn around a go home…) 

Unfortunately, Ms. Sullivan had her facts wrong regarding the Obama’s continued search for a “spiritual home”, and Jen Psaki, Deputy White House Press Secretary had to issue a correction:

“The President and First Family continue to look for a church home. They have enjoyed worshipping at Camp David and several other congregations over the months, and will choose a church at the time that is best for their family.”

And now, after much deliberation and soul searching, The Obama’s have made their decision and they inform the American people:

“What we’ve decided for now is not to join a single church, and the reason is because Michelle and I have realized we are very disruptive to services.”

Oh give me a freakin’ break… Since when is the Narcissist in Chief and his Jet Setting wife concerned about disrupting the lives of others? The policies of Barack’s administration alone have proven “disruptive” to the economic stability of our entire country. His “Jobs Bill(s)” put millions out of work… people are losing their homes… GM, Chrysler, Obamacare and this ridiculous insistence  on cramming the word “GREEN” down our throats… Everything The Obama’s DO is disrutptive to the lives of others! They even want to dictate what and how much we EAT… and in an all too delicious twist of irony, funding for Michelle’s war against fat people will come from CUTTING FOOD STAMPS!  And why is the family of a woman who says “desert is not a right”  always seen stuffing their faces with ICE CREAM!!!
ice cream





But I digress…

So, just for giggles, let’s examine just a few of the other choices made by The Obama’s in their concerned efforts to avoid “disrupting” the daily lives of their fellow Americans:

April 22, 2010 – Earth Day in New York City, air traffic was jammed and delayed dozens, if not hundreds of commercial flights at Kennedy and LaGuardia and other nearby airports as no-fly zones are implemented. And, while Obama’s Earth Day flights burned 9,000 gallons of fuel, NYPD officers clipped the locks of hundreds of bikes along Houston Street in preparation for the president’s visit claiming they might contain “secret pipe bombs”.  With no advance notification or warning, the bikes were clipped, confiscated and unceremoniously tossed in the back of a truck and onlookers were not given information as to what would become of the bikes.

San Francisco– October 15, 2009: Roads were blocked and three popular bus lines were diverted at rush-hour to avoid running into the traffic jam caused by President Barack Obama’s brief presence for a $500 to $1,000 per person fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee.

Obama TFR shuts down Oahu air traffic for 2 weeks

ANN is researching reports of a massive TFR that will severely restrict air traffic on the tiny island of Oahu… for nearly two weeks. A Presidential TFR has been published (and was disseminated as of December 19, 2009 (… barely four days notice) covering most of the island and severely restricts all GA operations on or near the island.

Numerous emails and phone calls indicate that the Hawaiian aviation community, especially that part of it that derives some or all of its livelihood from aviation access, is terrified of the effect of this TFR, put in place so that the president can go away, on holiday, for Christmas.

Las Vegas was basically closed to general aviation pilots trying to fly into the area for July 8 and 9, 2010 as a 19-hour presidential Temporary Flight Restriction shut down all three major airports – McCarran International, Henderson Executive, and North Las Vegas. Adding to the inconvenience, motorists were told to expect road closures and heavy traffic in and around the Strip (again, during rush-hour) for President Barack Obama’s arrival in Las Vegas while a police escort toured the motorcade to the hotel at the corner of Las Vegas Boulevard and Flamingo Road.

AOPA President Craig Fuller contacted Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano more than once to reiterate the negative impact the TFR would have on the local economy, reminding her of the negative economic and public safety effects the presidential TFR over Chicago had during Memorial Day weekend.

“In February 2010, a much less restrictive TFR was established over the Las Vegas area that resulted in a loss of commerce in excess of $700,000. With all three airports in the Las Vegas area off limits to GA aircraft, this TFR will have a much larger impact.”

Obama was only in Los Angeles for 5 hours for a Fund Raiser speech on August 17th in Hancock Park but the massive rush-hour traffic jam that resulted from his motorcade prompted angry calls for an investigation from some residents, who were caught in traffic for hours.

A few incidents  occurred in Chicago when local drivers failed to yield properly to Obama’s heavily armed caravan of Secret Service and Chicago police black SUVs and other vehicles ablaze in flashing lights. It can lead to trouble. And offenders should not count on receiving a presidential pardon.

Thanks again for coming during rush hour traffic without giving us warning. I’m glad President Obama was able to get home so quickly while I sat on Lake Shore Drive for over an hour and 15 minutes. Couldn’t he have flown in to Chicago prior to 5 pm so the rest of Chicago could get home at a decent hour.

In Kansas City Downtown was a mess when Obama came to town with street closures.

What areas were residents told to avoid?

Definitely the Folly Theater and the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, unless you have a ticket to the Robin Carnahan fundraisers. More specifically, KC Police Chief Jim Corwin writes that these six intersections are going to be shut down from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.:

  • 11th and Broadway
  • 12th and Broadway
  • 11th and Central
  • 12th and Central
  • 11th and Wyandotte
  • 12th and Wyandotte

Other streets were shut down, but the names of those streets were not released in advance.

While in New York  on September 14, 2009 to discuss reform on Wall Street, commuters in Lower Manhattan suffered from detours and delays to both street traffic and mass transit because of Obama’s visit. In addition, some subway entrances and exits were temporarily closed.

And how can we forget when Michelle Obama required the Secret Service and the D.C. police to shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square Metro station to bring in a three dozen vehicle motorcade (including her limo). Before her highness stepped out of her limo, the area in front of the Department of Veterans Affairs was swept with bomb-sniffing dogs… barricades were put up to keep pedestrians out, and Secret Service took positions with binoculars atop trucks. All of this for a trip to buy over-priced organic arugula at a farmers market a block away from the White House.

Oh, and how can we forget how Michelle had Police close off a portion of a public beach while on her lavish vacation to Spain, keeping the “little people” at a distance so she, her daughter and her entourage could go swimming.

With the whole “Muslim/Is he or isn’t he?” contoversy swirling around and his repeated, odd commentary of his belief that “Our individual salvation depends on our collective salvation”, it would be easy to become distracted from the one underlying truth… And what is “The Truth” exactly? Well, from years of research in all things spiritual I have learned that where “opinion” may be mentioned in one religion or another… TRUTH is in repetition. “Karma”, “What Goes Around Comes Around”, “You Reap What You Sew”… The promise that one will face the consequences of their choices goes soundly in the column of “Truth” as it is one of the many lessons repeated throughout history and crossing lines of faith more than any other. Hell, even SCIENCE, the god of many who deny the existance of God, backs up the promise of choice and consequences with Newton’s Law of Motion… that for every action will come an equal yet opposite reaction. Truth… repetition…

“It’s not about me.”

How many times has Barack Obama said this? When you are in search of truth in an endless stream of words, look for the ones you hear the most… In one “It’s not about me” speech alone Barack referred to himself no less than 132 times.

Barack keeps assuring us he is “a good Cristian”…

What did my grandmother say about the need to convince others of what is not already obvious?

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