Deja Vous & the "Oily Handed Protester"

While watchning the start of the interrogation of BP’s Tony Hayward,

I saw this…

diane wilson

Instantly, I remembered this…

code pink protester

Then I immediately thought…

That’s the same woman… a bit chubbier… but using the same “smear something on my hands and wave ’em around for attention” tactic…. Poor thing. Diane Wilson needs to work on some new material.
Of course, her previous “cause” was protesting the war and the number of troops killed… hence the “bloody hands” wave tactic. But, since Barack Obama came to office, protesting that wouldn’t be prudent. I mean, while George Bush was in office the deaths were HIS fault. Now that The One is in office, the deaths are….. still George Bush’s fault… even though this month is becoming one of the deadliest months for U.S. troops in the nearly 9-year-old Afghan war… The “just war” to which Obama’s supporters were rallied… the “just war” of which his base is no longer in favor…

From abc news we learn:

Congress faces a formidable summer agenda on issues ranging from an overhaul of financial regulation to oversight of the Gulf oil spill. But nothing is as wrenching for the Democratic majority as upcoming votes to fund the surge of US forces in Afghanistan

Yes, I imagine it must turn the stomachs of our liberal friends in Washington to face voting to fund the war they once called “just”… the war they have righteously mishandled since being given the chance to prove they know better than George how to handle a war.

“Some two-thirds of Democrats who supported the president in 2008 now oppose the president’s Afghan policy,” says former Rep. Tom Andrews (D) of Maine, national director of the Win Without War Coalition. “The base that was so important to victories in 2008 and 2006 [is] going to be critically needed in 2010 and may not be there.”

So, Mr. Andrews… by “victories” you meant using the war for a “political” win… not “victories” in the war itself… Interesting.


The last defense supplemental for funding the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan came just weeks into the new Obama administration in 2009 and House Democrats struggled to pass it back then. In March, Obama took time out of his busy golf/vacation schedule to visit out troops, saying “We can’t forget why we’re here.  We did not choose this war.”, and he told them with his best “I really mean this” face he would never send them into harm’s way “unless it’s absolutely necessary” and he assured them of how he “anguished” in thinking about the sacrifices so many of them made. Barack further assured them that “when it is absolutely necessary”,  they would be” backed up by a clear mission and the right strategy to finish the job, to get the job done”.  Interesting choice of words. When is it NOT “absolutely necessary” for American Troops to be “backed up by a clear mission and the right strategy to finish the job”? Obama also promised to continue to work with Congress to make sure they received the proper equipment… “helicopters”, “providing more intelligence and reconnaissance capabilities, more special operations forces, more armored vehicles that can save lives”… as long as nothing unforseen happens and their needs to “finish the job” doesn’t exceed the budget.  

And poor Diane Wilson. Since George left office and Obama took over… we haven’t heard much from her or her Code Pink pals. Of course, it’s all Bush’s fault that she and her fellow war protesters have to scrounge so desperately for camera time these days.