Summers says WINTER (Not Obama) will "distort" unemployment figures (this time)

Obama and his Clueless Wonders have gone beyond comical and are wading about neck-deep in just plain hysterical now. From an inability to “show us the math” on “jobs saved” to the blatant refusal to admit their plans to use the hoax called global warming as the fear catalist to justify taxing the hell out of Americans… In honor of Rahm Enanuel’s admitted tactic to “never let a crisis go to waste” because “it’s an opportunity to do things you couldn’t do before”, White House economic adviser Larry (with the ironic last name of) Summers is using the record breaking cold and snow of this winter (a by-product of global warming, ya know) to do something the Obama administration “couldn’t do before”… explain the annoying rise in unemployment numbers, which have consistantly contradicted Obama’s repeated assurance that he has brought us back from the brink.

shell game

You have to admit, while irritating as hell, it is a clever manouver… use the contradicting evidence against one hoax to explain another… I mean, like Kevin (hacked email victim – University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit) Trenberth said, “The fact is that we can’t account for the lack of warming at the moment and it’s a travesty that we can’t”… In a moment of pure idiocy brilliance, Mr. Summers uses Trenberth’s inability to account for temperatures going down, not up to account for why unemployment numbers are going up instead of down.

I know it’s confusing but I think that’s the whole point. Toss out a bunch of mumbo-jumbo at the people asking too many questions. Move the Distraction Shells with blinding speed… keep the Truth Nut hidden… get them scratching their heads instead of pointing fingers… Like Mr. Summers for example (translations, mine):

The blizzards that affected much of the country during the last month are likely to distort the statistics. So it’s going to be very important … to look past whatever the next figures are (ie: ignore reality) to gauge the underlying trends (that we can’t explain)…”

… then quickly change the subject. Mention another pending crisis you can’t let go to waste are working on… like, that the United States is closely monitoring Greece’s debt problems and imply that the point is to avoid our own economic collapse. It is important to give your implication of crisis/concern credibility so you have to drop big names and that assure people that because of this important person’s efforts, we will be saved (again)… U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, for example. Just say he is on the job and that he is “encouraged by what he had heard from European officials”. And make sure you say it with a stern and convincing tone. This way, you can make people believe that “encouraged” means his plan is to use their example to avoid our own economic collapse when the truth is he is “encouraged” by learning a proven formula that works better than his to ruin our economy the same way!

I tell you, I am impressed, particularly with how well they have learned to say all of this bull with a straight face. Obama uses the “deep thought/I’m serious/scrunchy brow thing”… Pelosi uses the “point my bent claw-finger” or the “blink up a tear” thing. “Nobody messes with Joe” Biden uses “foot-in-the-mouth humor” and Harry Reid…. well… he just verbally rambles out across the Nevada desert until he’s lost and we fall asleep. All good tools, effective in lulling their base into a “can’t think for myself coma”, and their political anesthesiologists in the media keep the gas flowing, repeating (verbatim) the daily (faxed) talking points to keep their patients in la-la land and unaware that the brain-enlightenment sugery for which they have signed a Consent/Liability Release Form is actually for a lobotomy.

I could go on to their juggling act called Obamacare… But that’s another circus altogether.