Have You Ever Tried to Throw Away a Trash Can?

Seriously… Have you? I have… and I can tell you it’s dang-near impossible.

trash can

I once had one of those square, RubberMiad jobbies with the handles that doubled as locks for the lid and wheels to make the trip to the curb a lot easier. But, with the low-rider wheels the bottom edge on the other side would often drag on the cement driveway and eventually it gave way to a hole. Over time, the hole got bigger, creating an open seam on the entire edge of the plastic can… and the open edge sagged beneath the weight of the can’s contents, allowing the garbage bag inside to scrape ground… to open… and to leave a trail of coffee grounds, egg shells and other debris along the way back to the curb. The sagging bottom caused stress on the corners and the open edge on the bottom began to send cracks up the sides. It was time to throw it away.

  • Trash Day #1 – Dragged the empty, broken can to the curb with it’s lid locked to the top and stood it next to another. The next morning after pick-up… both cans were still there.
  • Trash Day #2 – Dragged the empty, broken trash can back to the curb with the other but this time turned the broken can over to reveal the broken bottom. The next morning… both cans… still there.
  • Trash Day #3 – Dragged broken can back to the curb and propped the broken can on TOP of the other. The next day… both… still there.
  • Trash Day #4 –  Dragged broken can to the curb… again… with tin snips. I cut the plastic can into pieces, stuffed the parts into the other can and propped the lid on top of the other lid. The next day… the pieces of the broken can had been hauled off… but its lid was on the ground next to the other can…

Where is all of this going?

From day one we have been trying to throw away the Global Warming Trash Can. Not only did we see the hole in the bottom we pointed it out to them when they first tried to sell it to us in the form of Al Gore’s movie, An Inconvenient Truth.  But the Environmental Sanitation Engineers refused to take it. They refused to acknowledge the hole in the bottom and that we didn’t want it, forcing us to keep it and to maintain space for it in our lives and in our garages as they carried on about their duties to rid our neighborhoods and thus, our world, of trash. They even brought additional containers in which we were forced to separate our trash… “plastic”, “glass”, “paper”… In some states, yard waste was to be placed in clear, plastic, bio-degradable bags… which one could purchase from the city… for a fee… Back in Michigan the rules were so strict one nearly had to sanitize and alphabetize ones garbage or one would find the improperly catogorized trash still sitting at ones curb with a brightly colored rejection sticker affixed bearing intstuctions for proper “shipping and handling”. Where once there was one truck making its rounds on trash day… now there was a convoy of diesel belching utility vehicles… all in the name of a cleaner planet. The “hole” was getting bigger. Back then we called it “hypocrisy”.

When Al and his loyal anterage weren’t touring the world (in private jets) promoting his movie and preaching of the many ways we needed to adjust our lives to save the planet, he was at his house, which guzzled 20 times the amount of energy of the average American home. Entertainers took up the torch as well. Live Earth concerts, meant to encourage people to fight global warming, created mountains of trash and thousands of tons of greenhouse gases. 

al awards

Al won an Emmy, an Oscar and a Nobel… His answer to these invonvenient embarrassments problems? Carbon Credits. He bought them, encouraged us to do the same… from a (cough-cough) companyheowned (cough/ahem)…

The sides of the trash can were beginning to rip open…

Dr. Phil Jones, the director of the University of East Anglia Climate Research Unit, was the target of a hacker who exposed incriminating evidence of a conspiracy to intentionally hide detrimental information from the public that disproved their theory of global warming.

One of the most damning e-mails published comes from Dr. Jones himself.  In an e-mail from almost exactly ten years ago, Jones appears to discuss a method of overlaying data of temperature declines with repetitive, false data of higher temperatures.

So now the bottom of the trash can is sagging down and the bags inside are tearing open and that trail of coffee grounds, egg shells and some other foul-smelling ooze is streaked down the length of the driveway…

In spite of the catastrophic predictions that we would see an increase in hurricanes, we would all be fried to crispy-critters as the earth’s temperature soared and sea levels would rise due to melting polar ice caps … We have had significantly fewer storms, record cold and snow is covering the planet and the Scientists (Mark Siddall, Thomas Stocker and Peter Clark) who published a paper predicting that sea levels would rise by as much as 2.7 feet by the end of the twenty-first century due to global warming were forced to retract their claims after elements of falsified data errors were discovered that supported undermined the results they wanted. The response of Mark Siddall after being caught ?:

 “It’s one of those things that happens. People make mistakes and mistakes happen in science.”

Yeah… . No biggie. It’s just, “one of those things”.

“Retraction is a regular part of the publication process,” he added in his own defense. Yeah… retraction IS a regular part of the publication process for you guys lately, especially when you keep getting caught altering or outright faking data for the purpose of supporting a hoax theory that has direct influence on personal freedoms and a global economy. “Science is a complicated game,” he said further. (Isn’t it cute how people who have been caught lying feel compelled to keep talking?) Actually, Mr. Siddall, it is FAKING “science” that is a “complicated game”, sir… Although the research and tests to acquire real scientific knowledge is an arduous and time consuming task, the end results are usually (like “Occam’s Razor” – also called the law of economy) found to be quite simplistic, that “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity” and of “conclusions”, the simplest explanation or strategy tends to be the best one.  And yes, there are “set procedures in place that act as checks and balances.”  It’s called “common sense”… and lately, “snow“, the latter, which (like your global warming lies) requires a shovel to be removed.

But still, in spite of our many efforts to throw away the crumbling global warming trash can, the EnvironmentalSanitation Department refuses to take it away. So… we’ve broke out the tin snips and have gleefully begun its dismemberment.

On February 23rd, Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) challenged the Obama administration to investigate these matters of research misconduct and possible criminal actions by the scientists involved in what he calls “the greatest scientific scandal of our generation”. He requests specifically that the investigation by the Department of Justice include scrutiny of the activities of Dr. Michael Mann of Pennsylvania State University, Dr. James Hansen of Columbia University and the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Mr. Inhofe believes that the threat of possible criminal charges would act as incentive to inspire some of the people involved to spill the proverbial beans in order to gain immunity…

al gore

Mr. Inhofe also suggests that since, “every assertion has been rebutted,” that Al should be dragged out of hiding and called back before the Senate to defend himself and his “science fiction movie” before Congress.

Have you ever tried to throw away a trash can? I have… and I can tell you (just like trying to get rid of Al and his “consensus” of “man-made global warming/settled science”), it’s dang near impossible.

But maybe there’s an alternative…