A plane crashes into Office Building in Texas... UPDATED/UPDATED/UPDATED

texas building

The FBI issues a statement that there is no indication the incident was an act of terrorism….

Then again, they issued the same statement immediately following the incident at Fort Hood… also in Texas. I hope, this time, they are right.

Please pray for those who were in the building and for their families.


The National Transportation Safety Board says:

The pilot set his house on fire before taking flight and “this may have been an intentional act”.

I am curious, since they obviously know the identity of “the pilot” as they have reported he set his house on fire before taking off… Why are they not releasing the name of the pilot?


Pilot’s name was: Joseph Andrew Stack


Joe Weisenthal of Business Insider has discovered a morbidly curious rant on EmbeddedArt.com (which Mr. Weisenthal calls ” The Insane Manifesto Of Austin Texas Crash Pilot Joseph Andrew Stack”), which is signed:

Joe Stack (1956-2010)


The above link now appears to be “broken”… So here’s the link where he Smoking Gun has the complete text of the Manifesto posted.

FOX News just confirmed that the 12-year old daughter of Joseph Stack said her father did set the house on fire. Neighbors confirm that the fire was set with the wife and daughter INSIDE. The “explosion” blew out windows in nearby houses and it was neighbors who rescued the wife and daughter from the burning house.

FOX News now calling “Manifesto” a “suicide note”, which is currently going viral in the internet. Stack is confirmed dead. Officials say “Manifesto WAS from Stack, in which he rails against the IRS.