CNN "Shock" (?) Poll - Majority won't elect Obama for 2nd Term

Drudge has an interesting heading to a story regarding a new CNN poll where 52% of Americans participating say Obama “doesn’t deserve reelection in 2012”. Of course, the key words here are “doesn’t deserve“. meaning, hasn’t done a freaking thing in his first term to earn the right to expect people to consider him worthy of another. It’s sort of like that “honor thy father and mother” thing in the Bible, that demand for obedience to children by their parents regardless of their behavior as parents. The key word there is “honor”, and “honor” is defined as something given to someone in accordance to their deeds… We “honor” soldiers for exemplary performance in carrying out their duties and award them medals when they surpass the performance levels expected of them. In other words, no deeds worthy… no honor should be expected. So… why is it such a “shock” that the majority of Americans do not consider Barack Obama “worthy” of a second term when only the first year of his first term had quadrupled our national deficit, put millions of Americans out of work and “exposed our crotch” to anyone who would want to kill us as his means of conducting measures of national security?

Let’s face it. His poll numbers have been in a terminal velocity nose dive for some time now. The only poll number he has his nails dug into to keep from tumbling down the side of the cliff he’s clinging to is his personal approval number and frankly… I ain’t buying the legitimacy of that. Personally, I am of the mind that this number has more to do with people still being too afraid of being called a “racist” if they dared to admit they don’t like the man. From day one, Barack Obama has been shielded from scrutiny because of his race but the irony here is, while he is half black, he is also half white. That little factoid seems to escape discussion. While one side fears saying what they really think because of his “black half” the other refuses to acknowledge his “white half”. It’s all quite ridiculous to me. The only time his racial origins are allowed to be a factor is when someone says something critical and it’s never the white half because that isn’t a viable tool when it comes to intimidating others through fear of having a legitimate criticism labeled as “racism”. The whole, “I like Barack Obama personally but hate everything he believes in and everything he is doing” position reminds me of the whole “I support the troops but not the war” meme. I mean, really… He’s trashing our economy and putting millions out of work. He bows to terrorist supporting dictators, apologizes for America’s existance, believes our Constitution is “fundamentally flawed” and pals around with a coven of rabid, anti-Americans but yeah…  I think he’s a cool guy and I’d have a beer with him.”

I don’t buy it. And I think more and more Americans (as well as people outside of our country) are becoming more confident in the inspiration of their feelings…. less intimidated to say out loud what they truly feel about “the man” and “his deeds” with less consideration of having someone else shout “racist” because that feeling may not be favorable. The shield of “racist” isn’t working so well anymore. So, in desperation they tried calling us “Nazis”… and then the reverse, likening any who opposed ObamaCare to “Holocaust deniers”. All they seem to have left is name-calling and, frankly… We don’t care anymore. The man is destroying everything he touches, everything we hold dear… and it is starting to hurt… badly… Even those who were once part of the “racist/Nazi” shouts are starting to feel the pain… starting to see what we’ve been trying to tell them, that this man and his beliefs are dangerous and destructive, not instruments of Hope and Change.. and they are starting to get it. Perspectives change when the hammer falls on your head as well as on those you wanted to see hit. All of those 20-something liberals (making up the majority of the uninsured – through choice) who were once enthusiastic suporters of ObamaCare… “Yeah… healthcare for ALL!!!” Well, now they are feeling a bit different, considering that they are going to required to purchase insurance (whether they want to let go of that cash or not) or face fines and possible jail time. All of those people grinning with fiendish anticipation of watching “the evil rich” suffer under the strain of higher taxes and fees… Well, the enjoyment isn’t as glorious when “the evil rich” were their employers and had to lay them off to reduce overhead in an effort to save their business… Yeah… Funny thing about “perpectives” They always change when you find yourself affected by your hope that someone else whould get smacked down… when the losses you wished to be delt to another become your own.

A “shock” that 52% of Americans don’t think Obama “deserves” another term? Not really. That more and more people are finally getting to a point that their fear of losing the freedoms they have taken for granted all their lives outweighs their fear of being a target in the liberal name-calling shoot-out maybe… but not that people are waking up. It was inevitable… and I am glad it has come.