Harry Reid and the Art of Comedy - Practice makes it perfect

In the words of White House Press Secretary turned comedian, Robert Gibbs, “everyone should have a sense of humor, its needed more than ever in Washington.” So true… so true… and, on any given day, it is difficult to guess (either individually or as a group) just which of our liberal friends in Washington will provide us with the most entertainment. From the repeated need to cancel their scheduled summits on global warming due to record breaking snow storms to Joe Biden claiming that the success of the surge in Iraq (which he and Obama voted against) might just be one of the “great achievements of this administration”. It’s all good… funny stuff… But not to be out done, Funny Harry has taken the stage at the Washington Comedy Club to tickle our funny bones again.

The joke…?

Gloria Navarro (42, a Las Vegas Attorney, his choice and Obama’s nominee to become a U.S. district judge in Nevada).

The punchline…?

“Let’s get somebody on the court that has not been a judge.”


“They need to do more than thinking of themselves as these people who walk around in these robes in these fancy chambers.”


Yeah… Who says a US District Judge should be required to have any experience as a real  judge? I mean, seriously now. She has experience… in private practice, as a public defender and chief deputy district attorney in the civil division of the Clark County district attorney’s office… Isn’t that enough? “She has had experience in the real world of government, the real world of law.” Stop being so darn upity and seeing yourselves “as these people who walk around in these robes in these fancy chambers.”  So what if she has no experience interpreting law as a judge. She’s a lawyer, for crying out loud. A lawyer! Isn’t that enough? I mean, come on… Obama is a lawyer and he even admitted he had had no executive experience… and he was elected president for Pete’s sake! So, what’s the big deal? Experience, exshmerience… Who needs it?

Well, according to the American Bar Association… people who want to be judges. That’s who.

Of members of the Standing Committee on the Federal Judiciary, a “substantial majority” rated Ms. Navarro as “qualified,” while a minority rated her “not qualified”… to be a lawyer. For consideration as a federal judge, a nominee’s “professional competence, integrity and judicial temperament” are rated as “well qualified,” “qualified,” or “not qualified.” and on this count, the ABA rated her as “not qualified”. After examination of her resume it is the opinion of several attorneys and academics that it was her lack of experience as a judge that inspired the “not qualified” rating. Funny Harry “just can’t accept that”.

“If they base their rating on people having judicial experience, that would mean that, according to them, every person that seeks a seat on the bench has to have judicial experience.”


“Maybe a municipal court judge, maybe a justice of the peace.”

(More laughter)

“I think the ABA should get a new life and start looking at people for how they are qualified and not whether they have judicial experience.”

(Laughter/applause/standing ovation)

*** sigh ***

Good times.