UN Abandons Climate Change Deadline... *** snicker ***

Okay, so Copenhagen was a joke but it is debatable which aspect was the winner of the “This Is Ridiculous” award. Topping the list – the 40,584 tons of carbon dioxide belched out by the estimated 16,500 delegates, activists and reporters… carbon emissions (close to equalling the entire output of Morocco for a whole year), the record breaking cold temperatures and all of this followed the embarrassment of the now infamous hacked e-mails, including one with reference to the plan to “hide the decline” in temperatures. It was a nice plan… “hide the decline” in temperatures… Pretty hard to hide freak snow storms though, especially in places like Washington DC, Minnesota, Texas, Oklahoma… and I know “What happens there stays there but just try to keep snow in Las Vegas a secret.

Of course there are other prediction failures… Adelaide’s reservoirs didn’t run dry early last year in Australia, Arctic Ice didn’t disappear in 2008. We’ve had fewer, less intense, not an increase of more severe hurricanes. And never mind that the horrible CO2 we parasites called humans expell into Mother Earth’s atmosphere is what Her plants need to survive… But after the prolonged drubbing of Al Gore, his Consensus Scientists and their loyal Global Warming activists an interesting and quietly entertaining silence has followed… Maybe they are hibernating. Bears do that too in the winter, ya know.

Well, while we have been distracted by the more recent rapturous forms of entertainment being served up by our liberal jesters on the other side of the isle (Virginia, New Jersey, MASSA-FREAKING-CHUSETS… and there are the failures of Cap and Tax, Healthcare… Gitmo is still open and the revolt is gaining steam on that whole effort to try the terrorists in New York thing) maybe you missed the bit about United Nations waiving the first deadline of the process laid out at that waste of time called the Copenhagen Summit. Yeah, they all went into it with a firm, “screw reality” defiance… but that was when the cameras were rolling and someone was actually paying them at least SOME attention. Now that no one gives a damn they have more of a ho-hum attitude in the follow-through of their own agreed deadlines.

While in Copenhagen, nations agreed boldly to declare their emissions reduction targets by the end of this month. Developed countries would state their intended cuts by 2020 and countries still in the process of developing would outline how they would curb emissions growth. But, while no one was paying attention, the UN’s Senior Climate change official, Yvo de Boer, has pretty much given up on expecting anyone to live up to their word.

“By [the end of] January, countries will have the opportunity to?.?.?.?indicate if they want to be associated with the accord,” he said. “[Governments could] indicate by the deadline, or they can also indicate later.”


“You could describe it as a soft deadline,” Mr de Boer said. “There is nothing deadly about it. If [countries] fail to meet it, they can still associate with the Copenhagen accord after.”

… what?

“Nothing deadly about it”?… What do you mean, “There is nothing deadly about it?” Wasn’t that the whole point behind the Summit in the first place… to prevent all of that global devastation, destruction, famine and death you guys have been harping about all these years? “Nothing deadly”? YOU told us “the earth had a fever”. You told us the oceans would rise, the polar bears were going to drown and we were all going to fry like chicken nuggets in a micro-wave set on high… “NOTHING DEADLY”?…. “NOTHING DEADLY?”

Yeah… We’ve been saying that all along. Nice to see you’re finally getting the message. But no worries… It’s all good… So dry your tears, dust off your egos and grab your ski gear… I hear there was more record snows in Vermont this month!

See ya on the slopes, Al!