Air America - "You Only Die... Twice"

It’s not really nice to keep beating a dead donkey horse… to snicker at the misfortunes or losses of ones opponents… to clutch your sides as gasp for air as you laugh yourself silly as you watch them get pummeled by one big fist of reality after another… But let’s anyway, shall we?

Air America (defining themselves as the “liberal alternative to Rush Limbaugh”…. *snicker*…) was launched on March 31, 2004 as an outlet for angry liberal activists to slam any efforts of the republican controlled congress and all things George Bush. The night before, Air America threw itself a $70,000 party at Manhattan’s hip Maritime Hotel with more than 1,000 guests (including the likes of Yoko Ono and Tim Robbins) in attendance. Based on assurances from the owners of Air America, Evan Cohen and Rex Sorensen, Air America’s investors and executives say they thought the network had raised more than $30 million. In reality, Air America had raised only $6 million and withing six weeks of the launch the six million had been spent and the company owed creditors over an additional $2 million.  Air America hadn’t paid the rent on its office space, employees weren’t getting paid or reimbursed for company expenses, vendors stopped delivering office supplies because they weren’t getting paid and contractors hired to do office renovations complained they weren’t getting paid either.  Cohen and Sorensen resigned in May. 

On the brighter side, “the liberal alternative to Limbaugh” had such intelectual and politically savy hosts as… Saturday Night Live’s Al Franken, actress Janeane Garofalo and rapper Chuck D. Rachel Maddow Their most popular Limbaugh challenger was Michael William Lebron (otherwise known as “Lionel”), who was (according to Wikipedia) estimated (by some un-named source) to have “over 1.75 million unique listeners a week”. Of course, they do not define what the meant by “unique listeners”…  and Rush has an estimated 20 million “unique listeners” a week. So much for the “brighter side” of Air America.

Anyway… So…

As financial problems mounted “the liberal alternative to Limbaugh” found itself under investigation in July of 2005 for illegally receiving thousands of taxpayer dollars that was supposed to fund an after-school program at the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club in the Bronx for poor children. (Aren’t the liberals always claiming everytning they do is “for the children”… especially “poor children?) Interestingly, during this time, the director of development for the Gloria Wise Club was Evan Cohen…

A year and a half later (on October 13, 2006) mounting debts forced Air America Radio to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy…  The company was bought by Green Family Media on March 6, 2007 for… 4.25 million.

The company eventually changed its name from Air America Radio… then to Air America Media… and then to just… Air America. It was an effort to establish itself as the voice for progressives through ALL forms of media, including radio, television, AND the Internet…. as if the entire mainstream media and litany of liberal news and blog sites didn’t offer them enough outlets.

Okay, so here we are… Barack Obama is president… Al Franken is a Senator and (when she manages to make her next anti-American rant more rancid than the last) Janeane Garofalo manages to scratch out another 15 minutes of fame on You Tube. Rachel Maddow? Yeah, she moved on to greener pastures too. She’s on MSNBC. She has her own show, “The Rachel Maddow Show”, doing her part to expose conservative lies and to inform her (dwindling) audience of the truth….. Truths such as the US Constitution NOT having a preamble as the ignorant republican, John Boehner had claimed. Imagine… With hard hitting info like that, how could the folks at CableNewsCritic.com think that Rachel’s show will be canceled… So what if her ratings are so low that it has fallen behind re-runs of CNN’s Lou Dobbs. And where is George Bush? Well, he and Laura are living a quiet life of retirement in their new home in a nice little neighborhood called Preston Hollow in Dallas Texas… and Air America Radio Air America Media Air America has filed Chapter 7 and their voices will fall forever silent (we hope) on Monday night…

According to the company website, the final demise of Air Whatever is due to the economic environment, saying it has suffered in the “perfect storm'”, which is affecting the entire media industry… except for FOX News… then again, FOX isn’t a legitimate news outlet, so they don’t count… But I think Glenn Beck is still doing okay with his radio program (even though he IS on FOX), as is Hannity’s radio show (even though he’s on FOX too)… and… and Rush is hanging in there… I do hope he survives without the counter balance offered by his “liberal alternative”… Air… Air… who?… said its “painstaking search for new investors” came close to succeeding, even this week, “but ultimately fell short.” Sad… so sad… Now the number of unemployed will be joined by the hosts and staff of the (again) failed network who (without income) will default on their mortgages and have their cars repossessed….

 Wait a minute… George is gone… Their muse, their reason for existence is… gone… It wasn’t the bad financial management or the illegal syphoning of funds meant for poor children. It wasn’t because they couldn’t find anyone who would invest in their vision or get businesses to pay for advertisement on their programs. Oh no… OH no…. The “liberal alternative to Limbaugh” didn’t die because they struggled from day one to scrounge a decent listening audience… They failed for the same reason EVERYthing goes wrong in this world… IT’S ALL GEORGE BUSH’S FAULT!!!