Having Dinner Tonight with Marco Rubio

My man (Tom) and I have been invited to join Marco Rubio and his wife for dinner tonight. Tom is president and CEO of several bank branches here in sunny (yet unusually cold) Florida (the only banking entity Glenn Beck has ever agreed to personally endorse – primarily because Tom refused to take any TARP money and his banking principles remind Glenn of George Bailey) and because of Tom’s… unusual perspectives regarding what a bank should be he has begun moving in some rather interesting circles lately… the last being a trip to Washington DC to accompany Alex Sanchez at a little economic pow-wow. Of course, being his significant other has enabled me to tag along. I’d be the easy one to spot in the photos at these events. I am the one grinning as if I were in the company of rock stars, the one who can’t believe she’s there. Tonight, I will get to have dinner with Mark Rubio… a man I admire and support… the man who very well might become the next Senator for Florida….

You see, while I know some of you here are use to being in the company of those who have the power to shape (and currently, reclaim) our country… I am not. I still become rather star-struck when I shake the hand of someone I admire yet have only before seen on the news (FOX, of course). So, while I have questions of my own for Mr. Rubio regarding my home-town of Florida and his plans for representing our state (particularly relating to how to move forward on drilling in the Gulf, which he favors)… I was wondering if anyone here had any other questions I might put forth tonight. I figure, if I write them down now and have them on hand I will run less of a chance of drawing a blank later this evening.