Obama - Orating the AFL-CIO

As I type this our president is (again) making (another) public/media appearance.

Jeeze… Is this man so addicted to attention and applause that he cannot go one freaking day without getting another adoration fix?

Anyway… He is prattling his way through (what I assume he believes is) the ground-braking and unprecedented list of his accomplishments since his inauguration and, as I hear him read the list (from his teleprompter) I cannot avoid hearing him say something else…

“I am desperate…”

My grandmother once told me that, “if you have to keep repeating and explaining something it’s usually because it isn’t obvious enough for people to have gotten the message naturally.”

For example, one of the many wonderful things Barack has brought upon his fellow Americans, he describes how he has stopped the economic “free-fall”… Of course, all economic indicators object soundly with his opinion and polls indicate that a growing number of Americans “disapprove” and “strongly disagree” with everything he has done and is currently trying to do and he truly doesn’t understand that what he wants us to believe is his success in stopping our economic “free-fall” is what they (and those who gathered in hometown places and in their living-rooms) call “hitting the ground at terminal velocity”.

Barack Obama sincerely does not understand why we (and the rest of the world) aren’t cheering and fainting and praising him for his brilliance. He keeps admonishing us (not those bussed in to fill seats with his adoring audience of fans but the growing number of “us” non-believers”) … “the time for bickering is over”… In other words… “SHUT UP!”

Obama is losing it. He reminds me of that guy who does that plate-spinning act… You know the one… the guy who has a row of tables with plates on it and those tall dowels sticking up… and he starts one plate on top then runs to the other end to start another one then back to the other side for another… As the number of spinning plates grows he has to start running to get a slowing plate going again and while he’s doing that, another one starts wobbling… and he scrambles back… and he quickly runs the entire row to give them all a good spin so he can get a few more going… but that first one is tipping and it falls before he can get to it and it smashes on the floor so he has to replace it with a new one while two others are ready to fall…

Well, Barack is good at talking about spinning plates but when it comes to the skill in actual performance… ehhhh… not so much. The worst part for him is we are watching… we see him failing miserably and people are actually starting to snicker and laugh… which is really what he hates the most. Yeah, his flock are trying… His pals in the media and his “ground troops” are out there doing their best to stage some honest to goodness evidence of real “grass roots” support for all things Obama while intimidating and attacking (verbally and physically) anyone who dares to disagree.

His numbers are tanking. He is losing supporters and those who remain are watching him spin the plates too… and they saw the people in Washington too… and the once faithful, beaming faces who believed in Hope and Change are not glowing with the same confidence.

So, why did Obama speak to his followers in the AFL-CIO (and to those at two other venues) today…?

Like my grandmother said… “if you have to keep repeating and explaining…”