MSM Still Wrong on Number of Uninsured Americans... But Getting Closer!

In an article on My Way News, Philip Elliott (liberal AP jpurnalist who writes for the San Francisco Chronical)informs us of how the democrats are “playing down” this whole silly notion that a “public option” is a “make or break” sort of thing fregarding ObamaCare… and he also says this:

WASHINGTON (AP) – The White House and its Democratic allies on Sunday tried to play down the role of a government insurance option in health care legislation as the party in power worked to reclaim momentum on President Barack Obama’s top domestic priority.

His spokesman described the public option as just one way to achieve Obama’s goal of providing coverage to the estimated 45 uninsured Americans without insurance. His senior adviser contended the White House was ready to accept that Congress would reject the idea, though he, too, said it was an option, not a make-or-break choice.

(emphasis – mine)


Of course… the “45” was a… “mistake”… but so are the numbers the liberals and their pals in the media keep tossing around.

10,000 die in a Kansas Tornado

150,000… uhhhh, 3 Million jobs lost/saved… and then there’s that whole “can’t manage to show us the math” thing on how… exactly… they  arrived at those… um… numbers

And, we know they insist it only takes tens of thousands of people to  pack the entire mile that stretches between Freedom Square and the Capital Building in Washington to protest against Obama’s agenda… but you can almost fill The Target Center with almost 15,000 or uhhh… 20,000 people to clap and cheer in support.

Ryan Witt of the Examiner has a blurb on examiner.com with the headline…

Video: Crowd turnout for 9/12 Tea Party Protest appear disappointing but no final numbers in

He says:

There are uncofirmed reports of 1.2 million people attending to the Capitol Police.  If there is any truth to this number it will be a positive for the Tea Party movement but I have yet to see a non-partisan source report such a number.

Hmmm… I guess Ryan didn’t see this video

… nor must he consider a video camera lense – “non-partisan” enough to be considered as “cofirmation”.

Of course, as liberals will do when they are getting beat by a better team, they begin to whine and pout and remind you of their equally formidable and impressive protests. Alex Koppelman from The War Room at salon.com is one of them. Today he poses the question:

How did the 9/12 protest crowd compare?

… and he goes on to give a list of their biggest success stories complete with… sources for estimates of each rally’s attendance…. none of which (curiously) come close to 2 million yet alone exceeding one million… and none have video footage of their proclaimed greater numbers managing to fill the path between Freedom Square and The Capital Building… but they DO have pictures… of… well… Jane Fonda… and one aerial of a crowd that doesn’t quite pack the same amount of real estate filled by the protesters on 9-12…  but “Reports” on the size of the  Pro-Choice rally “varried”, much the way they are about the 9-12 event, with police sources estimating the Pro-Choice crowd to be between 500,000 and 800,000 while event organisers (like the American Civil Liberties Union and the Planned Parenthood Federation) put the number at 1.15 million.

This one is the most interesting.

Remember the (ahem) “Million Man March”?

After much complaining and tantrums over the origial 400,000 Park Service estimate, Dr. Farouk EL-Baz, director of the Center for Remote Sensing at Boston University, announced the results of the Center’s final analysis of the crowd size rose to 837,000… with a margin of error of plus or minus 20 percent. Of course, the number was an… improvement… but still shy of the Million they were aiming for…  and photos used to arrive at the 837,000 show the “crowd” barely filling the Mall… let alone stretching a full mile back to Freedom Square…

Well, we’ve known for some time that liberals have some difficulty with math… but this has to be embarrassing… and then there’s ACORN… and the whole undercover Pimp Thing…

*** sicker ***