Et Tu Betty? UPDATED

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WASHINGTON — Well, it’s official. The old Clinton gang really is back together again. Answering the phones these days for President-elect Barack Obama’s transition co-chairman, John D. Podesta, is none other than Betty Currie.

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Remember Betty Currie? Bill Clinton’s Personal Secretary…?

Betty became unwantingly famous during her time as a star witness during Ken Star’s  investigation and subsequent Impeachment Hearings against Billy-Boy.

Where some say she was just “doing her job”, others say  she was

knowingly assisting the sexual affair between the president and the intern.

Ken Star was a tad more blunt. He called Betty an “enabler”.

Well (according to a “developing” story on Drudge), guess who is now answering the phones in Barack’s headquarters?

You guessed it… Betty Currie.

Remember Susan Rice?

Back on December 1st, Barack announced his decision to make Susan Rice his new United States Ambassador to the United Nations. Of course, this is not the interesting part of that appointment. What makes it interesting is that Obama is going to return the post of UN Ambassador to “Cabinet Status”.

This means, Susan Rice and Hillary will essentially be “equals” in that both positions would basically serve the same purpose.

The question is, who will have more clout?

During the presidential campaign, some Clinton aides saw Rice’s early decision to back Obama as a betrayal because of her previous role as a high State Department official during President Bill Clinton’s administration. Rice’s desire to place her own team in Washington could fuel speculation that those tensions will carry into the new administration.

Insiders say that Ms. Rice wants to install her own transition team inside the department.

Such a move by an incoming U.N. ambassador is rare, if not unprecedented, because the job is based at the United Nations in New York, where Rice already has a small transition staff, the sources familiar with the incoming administration.

So, how does the Rice thing play harmony to the Currie tune?

Let’s just say there is a bit of a history with BOTH women that hasn’t quite been smoothed over with Hillary.

Rice was an early and avid Obama supporter and it is becoming clear that Susan Rice intends to use her position of favorability in the eyes of Barack Obama to influence him into granting her a more significant role than previous U.N. envoys,

Is Barack intentionally creating unfriendly territory for Hillary?

Oh… Guess who was the only other President to raise the status of the UN Ambassador to Cabinet Level…?

Yep… Bill.

George Bush stripped the position of it’s Cabinet Status when he came to office. 


MORE fun stuff:

And Barack isn’t limiting his Cast of Antagonists for Hillary to females… (although, you must admit, the image of a Political Cat-Fight is in of itself worthy of a skit on Saturday Night Live… ) The presence of Bill Richardson in the new administration as Commerce Secretary  presents still another speed bump in any plans Hillary may have in cruising back into her former position of power in the White House.

Bill use to be a loyal Clintonite. During the Clinton Administration, Richardson was the US Ambassador to the United Nations (the position to which Barack has appointed Susan Rice). Hillary expected Richardson to endorse her.

There were some ham-fisted phone calls from Clinton backers, who questioned Richardson’s honor and suggested that the governor, who served in President Clinton’s Cabinet, owed Hillary Clinton his support. “That really ticked me off,” Richardson said.

The Clintons (particularly Bill) weren’t too happy when Mr. Richardson abandoned ship switched camps without permission and endorsed Obama.

Then again, Mr. Richardson has more than the wrath of the neutered Bill Clinton to worry about right now…

A federal grand jury is investigating how an investment company won more than $1.5 million in work advising the state of New Mexico after making contributions to the political action committees of Gov. Bill Richardson, President-elect Barack Obama’s choice to be commerce secretary.


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I love a good comedy.