Larry Langford - Flushing Birmingham down the Sewer

Larry Langford, the mayor of Birmingham, Alabama was arrested around 7 AM this morning on federal criminal charges according to the FBI.

Langford was president of the Jefferson County Commission before he was elected mayor last year. Birmingham is in Jefferson County.

He was accused in a Securities and Exchange Commission lawsuit of taking more than $156,000 from a friend whose firm made millions on risky bond transactions with the county for a new sewer system.

Larry’s claim to fame is being largely responsible for raising money and generating public interest and support for a little pet project called “Visionland Theme Park”… which (for an adorable little touch of irony) also went bankrupt…

By the time Langford left his city office to join the County Commission in 2002, Fairfield had taken on several high-profile initiatives, including new schools, the civic center and its role in Visionland. But the city had also amassed considerable debt. And the main source of revenue – the sales tax – was shrinking as stores folded and left the city. Fairfield teetered on bankruptcy…

Then again, that was when he was mayor of Fairfield…. back when he was known as the (ahem) “champion for change“.

Some of Larry Langford’s political speeches might be mistaken for the weekly Bible study classes he holds at the Fairfield recreation center. In both, he quotes Scripture, talks about responsibility and holds the audience’s attention with his plain talk and quick answers.

(… sound familiar?)

Oh… and, did I mention that Larry is a democrat?No?Huh.Well, neither did the article.

Had Larry been a republican, that would have been the headline and the point of the article.