"We not rich... yet!"

Remember Peggy Joseph?


Well… Move over Peggy… We have a caller from Lubbock Texas:


uh yes… ummm… Ya’ll commin’ to get the car, the car is not here. The car is in the shop, and one part is at another shop. If ya’ll want it that bad ya’ll can go pay that man to get it out and then pay the person to get the other part out. I mean because ya act like you couldn’t be patient. You knew that we was gonna get it tooken care of so, if ya’ll want it that bad ya’ll can go get it, pay the man and pay the other man and… we can leave it as that, ’cause we’re not owing that much on the car, ya’ll wanna trip on it now that we’re only got owing a thousand or two thousand on it so you know what, God bless ya’ll, you can go pick up the car so, you know what, give me a call back and I will give you the directions where the man at and I will let him know that ya’ll gonna be paying him to get it out because ya’ll don’t be patient! We not rich like ya’ll, that’s one thing ya’ll gonna have to understand. But one day… this year we will be… because we have Barack Obama…. click……

My goodness…(snicker)