Chicago Radio Station Pulling Obama Tapes...?

While attempting to investigate the archives of radio broadcasts (particularly those containing live interviews with Barack Obama) I noticed that, upon my first entry into the archives there were over 9,000 links.Returning the next day… there were closer to 8,000As I continued the seach I noticed the number dropping AS I did my search… as if someone were simultaneously deleting the links as I sifted through them…

Just now, I noticed an interesting post on Little Green Footballs titled:

WBEZ Hiding Obama Recordings

An UPDATE on this states:

WBEZ has made their audio recordings of Barack Obama available at their blog; no word on why all of the RealAudio files elsewhere on the site are offline

Very strange.

A big Thank You to the folks at Little Green Footbals for confirming that it wasn’t my imagination!

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