Obama = Dictator Wanna-Be

The revelations regarding Barack’s Marxist beliefs are just getting more amazing every day. But what is frightening is the growing confidence he has in setting forth his minions to destroy anyone who dares to question him.

The “Fairness Docrine” is a certainty. They need to silence thoselike Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hanity and Laura Ingraham by destroying the reason why those programs are so popular and successful…

A petition complains:

“News consumers, particularly those of talk radio, are overwhelmingly exposed to a single point of view. A survey conducted by Democracy Radio this year revealed that 90 percent of all broadcast hours on talk radio are fairly characterized as conservative.”

It isn’t like these “News consumers” are being forced to tune in and listen to these radio programs… and those who don’t like what is being said have the power to turn it off or move on to some station that tells them what they want to hear. The “Fairness Doctrine” will force listeners of conservative stations to listen to the opposition’s drivel for equal time through a government mandate…

Sounds like the government is going to have a lot to say about how we will conduct our lives if Barack becomes president… or they will have laws in place to “punish” you.I wonder what the punishment will be…?Will it be the same punishment issued for those who do not sign up for the government mandated health insurance?

The same people who scream about invasion of privacy with FISA use government computersto pry into the private life of Joe the Plumber determined to investigate, humiliate and tear him down for his insolence, because he dared to ask Obama a tough question in public…

Now a Florida News Anchor has dared to ask Joe Biden several tough questions… and for this sin (questioning Barack’s Marxism plans and embarrassing Joe Biden for not being able to come up with an intelligent response) Obama has issued a decree… They will “punish them”, just as they “punished” the citizens of Florida and Michigan for daring to move their primary to a date, which did not suit the democrats…

Barack’s foot soldiers threaten to throw people in jail for simply speaking the truth about Barack. Mark my words, in a Barack administration, he will be throwing anyone who dares to challenge him in jail… like one of the liberal’s favorite dictators, Hugo Chavez.

Barack is slick. He either refuses to answer or he changes the subject… and when he is caught, he downplays what he said, makes you out to be the stupid one who misunderstood… or, if you insist… he will shut you up or take you down.Even back in college it was noted how careful he is when speaking, yet even back then, he was prone to slips of the truth.

In interviews, Mr. Obama was modest and careful. (In a rare slip, he told The Associated Press: ā€œIā€™m not interested in the suburbs. The suburbs bore me.ā€)

An interesting comment from someone who claims to be the champion of the middle class American who lives in the suburbs.

Must have been that church he went to. You remember that… Trinity… that church where Jeremiah Wright preached against “middle classness” and all of its disgusting attributes.

Funny that Jeremish went and retired in the suburbs amidst all of those white people he dispises so much…

Barack Obama thinks our Consitution is “fundamentally flawed“. Do not think for one minute that he does not plan on changing that “flaw”…

His intention to “spread the wealth around” isn’t new. He was talking about this back in 2001, warning us even then that he would use the courts and/or legislation to force socialismupon America.

Barack cannot compete in the arena of qualifications… so he eliminates competition by removing them, either from the ballotor through disgracing them with public public smear campaigns.

The Land of the Free…?

Not if Obama has anything to do about it.

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