Barry The Clueless Wonder Boy

After leaving the White House meeting (where Barack arrived late and sat among those who were actually participating in the attempt to resolve the economic trauma), like a bug to a zapper, he immediately made his way toward the camera lights.

Of course, Barack made it sound as if he were in control of the situation. Yes, he is on top of this and now that he has taken the time to rally his troops in Washington he is leaving his trusted staff behind with stern warning to get the job done while returned to more important matters… like his campaign… and memorizing hsi answers to whatever questions he might have to face tonight…

Of course, he wasted no time in getting some face-time with his pals in the media. While McCain is busy working on a solution to the problems facing our country, Barack made sure he got his opinion sout there first and he made it very clear that he was not pleased with the lack of progress made by those who remained behind to actually continue to work on finding a solution. “They need to clarify their objections so an agreement can be reached that will save the economy from further damage,” he told them.

“They”, mind you… Not “we”.

“Obama said he left thinking they will reach a deal, but some work still needs to be done.”

*They…” *Not, “we”.And the “work that still needs to be done”, belongs to someone else.

He is, after all, far too busy to be bothered with such trivial matters as… looking out for the jobs, economic growth, retirement accounts, small businesses and financial markets he said will all be at risk without a bailout plan.

He also made it clear that he and McCain must be careful during this crisis not to “start injecting presidential politics into delicate negotiations”.

Yeah… That’s important. We don’t want anyone trying to take personal or political advantage of the suffering of the American people… So, while John McCain is busy working for America, Barack is(in McCain’s preoccupied absence), busy scooping up all the airtime, which McCain’s camp has vacated by pulling their campaign commercials in order to focus their efforts on the current economic crisis.

As for what happened while Barack selflessly donated a few moments from his busy campaign and debate memorization schedule to visit Washington…? He admits himself he is clueless.

“He said he tried to understand the objections to the approach being taken by congressional leaders and the Bush administration.”…

I can picture him sitting there, surrounded by people speaking in a language he doesn’t understand… praying for a teleprompter to descend from the heavens and give him something prophetic to say.

Yes, while Obama was *on his way *to Washington (begrudgingly to be certain) Democratic and Republican lawmakers announced a tentative deal. How happy he must have been to realize he might not have to suffer through doing something as traumatic as… his job”.

Later, when things fell apart, Obama told the “CBS Evening News” he was not sure what went wrong.

He “tried to understand”.

Translation? Barack didn’t understand a blessed thing “they” were saying.

It must have drove him nuts being ignored, sitting there… clueless… being treated like the child who was getting in the way while the grown-ups tried to balance the family budget.

He is also pressuring John McCain to go forward with the debate. He wants an answer and he wants it to be yes and he wants it to be yes now.”My sense is that we can do more than one thing at a time.”

“We…” Meaning, You guys keep plugging away while and get this fixed while I go get some more face-time with my fans in the media. “Call me if you need me.”

He told NBC’s “Nightly News” that he’ll raise the economy at the debate, even though its focus is supposed to be foreign policy.

Oh God… PLEASE do.McCain would enjoy outlining the details of what has transpired, which you missed while focusing on your campaign.

“With this looming in the horizon, this has an effect all across the globe,” he said. “We can’t be strong abroad if we’re not strong at home.”

Sooo… If there is so much at risk across the globe… Why are you, as a current US Senator and presidential candidate running on this “Ready to Lead” schtick…. Why are you out there voguing for the cameras while your opponent and everyone else in Washington is hunkered down to do the job you claim you are most qualified for?

Obama told CBS “Obviously it’s pretty frustrating for Democrats having seen the mismanagement that’s been taking place over the last several years to feel like we’ve got to step in and get something done,”

Excuse me?

“But that’s how I think many of us feel, that we can’t worry about how we got here. Now we’ve got to take some serious steps.”

Excuse me?

“But that’s how I think many of us feel, that we can’t worry about how we got here. Now we’ve got to take some serious steps.”


You don’t think it’s important to “worry about how we got here”?

You don’t think it’s important worry about HOW we got here while trying to come up with a way out of where we are?

That’s like saying it isn’t important to know where the door is when you realize the room is on fire.

Is that your way of distracting anyone who might find OUT how we got here?

Senator? Maybe you missed the part where it was your fellow democrats who have been in charge of congress “over the last several years”, creating and passing the legislation that gave birth to this whole mess while ignoring the many warnings from Greenspan and McCain.

Maybe you were too busy voting “present” to realize it was the “mismanagement” of your party, which caused this mess.

In case you’ve forgotten, you are a US Senator… getting paid to BE a Senator… “… and you dare to complain about how frustrating it is for you to actually be expected to “step in and get something done”?

IT’S YOUR JOB, SENATOR!!! It’s your JOB!!! … and it’s your FAULT that republicans are having to TAKE the lead in fixing the mess the democrats created because your own Majority Leader admitted you and your fellow democrats have no idea what to do!

But, rather than even taking a mild interest in fulfilling your responsibilities and fixing your mistakes you are only interested in getting your face on TV while already PRETENDING you are the president!

Aren’t you curious, senator…? Aren’t you curious at all why no one called YOU at 3am? Are you at all curious as to why no one, not even those in your own party mentions your name on the “we need” list?

“An Obama aide says the Illinois senator has been working the phones between campaign events to stay on top of developments with the negotiations and offer his help, speaking daily with Democratic congressional leaders and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson.”

Yeah… Good job, Obama.

Look, do me a favor, Barry. Do us ALL a favor. Just go back to your little campaign. Go back to your fans and your teleprompter. Go back to rehearsing your articulate responses to the questions you may (or may not) face in the debate and guessing at what little surprises McCain may force you to fake knowledge of. Just go back to your campaign. It’s what you do best… running for a job you have no intention of fulfilling. Go focus your short-sighted attention on the things you do understand… like deciding which profile you will want on the new currency you are likely planning to print in order to pay for all of those new entitlement programs and to get your unique image amongst the others on those dollar bills that don’t look like you.

Stop calling the folks in Washington. They are a bit busy right now. You’re just getting in the way by interrupting the efforts of those who have more important things to do than to pretend they are a leader.


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