McCain Rakes in 5 MILLION in 5 Hours... in CHICAGO!!!

“CHICAGO (CBS) ? Republican John McCain raised about $5 million in Chicago Monday night, or about $1 million for each hour he spent in Democrat Barack Obama’s home town.”

The article goes on to say that, “McCain is taking federal funds and can’t raise outside money. Money raised here goes to RNC, to be spent in four battleground states. It will be spent on McCain’s behalf, but not by McCain. Little or none of it will be spent in Illinois.”


In the top story on Politico, Jonathan Martin frets, “Considering the big challenges the country faces — two wars and a wobbly economy, for starters — the focus on personal narratives might strike some as jarringly superficial for the times.”

When are these people going to understand that the majority of Americans are tired of listening to the drum-beat of gloom?

What “some” see as, “jarringly superficial”, maybe others see as the proverbial “breath of fresh air”. Maybe the back-patting recognition of how it IS middle America who makes up the back-BONE of this country and maybe they (we) are tired of hearing how bad off we are and WANT to hear a bit of how GREAT we are.

“Some” should examine McCain’s rising poll numbers and an ability to pocket 5 million dollars in what amounts to a 5-hour drive-by through Obama’s own Hood… and the insane popularity of Sarah Palin (not to mention the popularity and success of conservative talk shows and FOX News). “Some” should see all of this as an indication that people actually LIKE positive messages, ESPECIALLY when times are hard. People want to be inspired, not beat over the head each day with the pity-stick.

We all know about the flags, missing at the democratic convention and rescued to fly proudly by republicans… But have you noticed something else, present at every republican gathering and vacant from those of democrats…?


“USA, USA, USA, USA!!!!”

Sorry guys… but I’ve been grinning so much lately my cheeks are starting to cramp.