"And it came to pass..."

I mentioned earlier how John McCain raised a staggering 5 million dollars in Chicago (of all places) is 5 hours.

Imagine, Obama’s hometown peeps handing him 5 million dollars that will never wind up going back into their economy…

What would make someone do something so silly…? Why are Obama’s and… what’s his name’s numbers slipping while those of John McCain and Sarah Palin going up?

To borrow the OTHER of Obama’s favorite words… “Hope”.(McCain is already taking over the “Change” slogan quite nicely.)John McCain and Sarah Palin have lived the lives that inspire others with what Barack only talks about for his own benefit.It’s confidence, not arrogance that inspires people.

That article on The Politico today is really bugging me, the one where Jonathan Martin seems confused as to why John McCain and Sarah Palin are spending so much time talking about their own lives rather than talking about war and how badly everyone is struggling financially.

Well, Jonathan, maybe you and “some” (AKA: democrats and otherwise generally negative people) haven’t grasped the fact that where YOU may find “personal narratives” inappropriate or even “jarringly superficial for the times”, most people (Americans or otherwise) actually prefer listening to stories of how other people survived difficult, painful and even extremely life altering circumstances.

Maybe “some” should pay a bit more attention to the message of success that the personal stories of John McCain and Sarah Palin have inside them. It is the same success that conservative talk radio and FOX News enjoys. Maybe “some” should start listening to the positive messages being offered “over here” and maybe “some” wouldn’t be so confused and so depressed and angry all the time.

We actually LIKE hearing how others have made it through experiences similar to our own, like a Hockey Mom named Sarah Palin who lives in Alaska and takes on corrupt politicians while choosing (in spite of knowing the challenges) to give birth you a child with special needs while giving love and support to her unmarried, teen-aged daughter became pregnant. Maybe it makes us feel good to see, in spite of her struggles, how happy she is.

We don’t want to hear someone tell us that our country is “mean” while we watch our dollars and volunteers scramble to other countries where our fellow man is suffering beneath ruthless dictators and from the ravages of AIDS and natural disasters. It makes us cringe to hear a preacher screaming from a pulpit for God to damn the America we love. We don’t want to hear our government leaders telling us “This war is lost” and “the surge has failed” while our military is risking their lives and we will refuse to go see movies, which reduce our brave men and women of our military to nothing more than criminals.

We love hearing a positive message, especially during challenging times. We love hearing someone who knows the challenges, the same challenges we are going through telling us that we too can overcome those challenges.And we are humbled and deeply strengthened to hear the personal stories of those like John McCain, who not only triumphed over a horrific 5 years as a prisoner of war… but who tells us how he credits that torture in making him LOVE his country and how it made him a better human being.

During hard times, we love to be reminded that if we just keep plugging away, things will get better. American’s like winning. We like the success that comes from struggle. We don’t want someone to overcome the challenges for us (with some entitlement program) or even to tell us how to do it… We simply need someone who has been there to remind us that we CAN! We just want someone to keep reminding us that no matter what the problem is, we too can make it.

In the Bible, there is one verse, one string of words that appears more times than any other. “Some” may see them as, “just words”. But they are words that have many times been the fuel for the faith I needed to get through the hardest times…

“And it came to pass…””And it came to pass…”

You see, No matter how many times you hear it, “some” never seem to understand.

“And it came to pass…”

Like John McCain and Sarah Palin, who are sharing “personal narratives” which “might strike some as jarringly superficial for the times”, the reminder that “it came to pass” is God’s way of reminding you that no matter how bad things are, no matter how much you are struggling or how much you may hurt… “It” never comes to stay.