Pelosi's Pending "Severe Blow"

Poor Nancy can’t seem to get a break.

Her book flops, the republicans wouldn’t shut up in spite of the fact that she turned off the lights… and the microphones… and the cameras…

Then she had to open her own mouth while a camera was running…

Not only did Nancy usher in “A New Congress in Town”… she also put truffles on the House Menue and re-defined the official position of the Catholic Church on abortion.

When discussing the conflict between her pro-abortion status and the pro-life position of the Catholic Church, Nancy said … “fortunately for me, communion has not been withheld and I’m a regular communicant, so that would be a severe blow to me if that were the case”.

Well… (ahem)…

In his column in Catholic San Francisco, the diocesan newspaper, Archbishop George Niederauer revealed he has summoned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi .He wants to meet with her to discuss her recent comments on Catholic Church history concerning abortion and whether she should continue to receive communion.