A Simple Question and Call to Action

I along with many Americans feel helpless as our elected representatives appear to be inclined to vote for the Healthcare legislation against the will of the People and ignore their oath to uphold the Constitution.  This has occurred, in part, because many in Congress do not have a “legal understanding” of the principals of the Constitution or sense of duty to honor the precious gift our forefathers had provided.

All lawmakers AND Judges should conduct themselves according to this simple question:

Did the original colonies, through their appointed representatives, agree that the Federal Government would be responsible for ….[fill in the appropriate subject, such as healthcare]?

If the answer is NO, then all laws and the Supreme Court decisions upholding these laws do not comport with the Constitution. 

If lawmakers feel that the times justify an expansion of federal authority, then abide by the procedure set forth by the Framers of our country and change the law by Constitutional amendment rather than by parlimentary shenanigans and fly-by-night executive orders. 

How can an expanding interpretation of the Commerce Clause, the clause the federal government relies upon for control of nearly every social aspect of our lives, comport with the language expressly set forth in the Ninth and Tenth Amendments?  The simple answer is it can’t. 

Think of it a different way.  Would the founders have agreed to specific healthcare language in the Constitution?

To answer this question, look back to our history.  Our founders finished a devasting war for independence.  Does anyone really believe the colonies were willing to turn over more of their States rights than necessary to another governmental entity? …after they fought so hard to break free from tyrannical rule? I believe reasonable people would answer NO.

It is clear from the action of Congress on March 21, 2010 that they do not, and will not follow the Constitution.  We, the People have to force them.  The Attorneys General of many States are prepared to file various lawsuits challenging constitutionality but, in the words of Scott Brown, WE CAN DO BETTER.   

It is my sincere hope the States are appropriately motivated to move further and begin the process to propose a new amendment to the Constitution “that healthcare is not a right to be imposed upon the States by the Federal Government” (I leave it up to constitutional scholars to determine the precise language).   A Constitutional amendment limiting the extent of the interstate commerce clause would be nice, but I’d gladly settle for a limitation on healthcare.

We can not trust our Congress or the judiciary because time and again they have usurped the will of the People.  Back-room deals and lobbyists are corrupting influences which have been allowed to fester and poison our Republic.  If left unchecked, the United States of America will indeed turn into a socialist country.  “Land of the free” has already begun to ring hollow.  The only way for the people of this country to reduce the control of the federal government, if they want to, is to use the constitutional amendment process and force the judiciary as well as Congress to abide by the will of the People.

On a side note, one politician is making waves in a good way.  It is refreshing to see his no-nonsense attitude to follow-through on campaign promises, take on special interests, and comply with the People’s wish to balance a state budget.  Gov Christie, give’em hell.  I only wish you were governor of my State (California).  After watching this clip, you’ll have a new respect for the man.

Governor to teachers unions: I will not back down


It is OUR country.  I hope that the States will take up this call to action and begin the constitutional amendment process before it is too late.