I’ve heard a lot of stuff over the past few months, but then a lot of it got dropped by the wayside. We did the bailout and many other things to draw attention away from some very important issues. BO (what a good name) wants to take away our guns. Think about that one. Who are most of the criminals in this country? Sorry, facts are facts. I don’t make them facts, I’m simply commenting on them. And of the criminal population, how many of these criminals have registered guns? BO decided he better leave that issue out for a while – it isn’t gonna set well with anybody with a brain.

Then there’s his terrorist connections. And his voter fraud business. And gee. Let’s see. He wouldn’t wear a flag on his lapel. My kind of president for sure. And last but not least. He wants to be commander in chief of our military but I bet he couldn’t get secret clearance, with his background, to go to a meeting where classified information was discussed. Did anybody think about that one?

I’m for McCain!!!! He’s probably not the best in the world either, but at least he proved he cares about his country. And Palin? Everybody says she’s a lot like me – knows BS when she sees, hears or smells it.

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