Obamacare Oba-Medicare-omics

Used Car Salesman Obama:  “I’m going to put you into this sweet little government ride AND save you money at the same time.”


Gullible Citizen:“Sw-w-e-e-e-et !!!”


Used Car Salesman Obama:  “Here’s how we’re going to do it.  Your house payment is $1500 a month, right?  So I take $600 a month out of your house payment and apply it to your car payment and…… wa-a-a  la-a ….your car payment is covered and you’ve got wheels!!!!!”


Confused Citizen: “Wait a minute, doesn’t that make my house payment $600 per month short.”


Used Car Salesman Obama:  “What are you talkin’ about, your house payment didn’t change from $1500 did it?  So now we take $600 out for the car payment and your house payment remains $1500 and then you got $600 for your car….. va-va-va-vo-o-o-om baby!!!!.”


Not-So-Gullible Citizen:  I have a big balloon payment on my house coming up in a year or so, won’t this somehow impact that badly?……..this doesn’t quite seem to add up………”


Used Car Salesman Obama:  “Who-o-o-a-a, hold on there now.  That house balloon payment was a problem before I got involved in helping you buy this car.  Since its not my responsibility, the good news is that balloon has no bearing on this transaction whatsoever nor in your financial situation in making this decision…..”


Getting Angry Citizen:  “You can’t use the same money twice for two different debts…. I’m out of here…..what was I thinking, I don’t know how I’m going to make that balloon payment even without this car.”


Used Car Salesman Obama: “Wait, come back here…… watch, I’m taking $100 out of my left pocket and putting it in my right pocket….there, now I got $200 !!!!!!  You’re making a mistake….. your transportation costs are going to spiral out of control……… What about your children?  How can you turn your back on them in this their hour of having to walk………”