Some Obvious Questions While Watching the Healthcare Summit

1.  Where’s the money ???????   One year ago Obama began the quest for government run health care.  He was going to to help pay for this by cutting $100’s of billions of Medicare fraud.  On January 28 at the National Summit on Healthcare Fraud Eric Holder presented that the fraud is $60 billion a year or $600 billion over 10 years.  So since it was such easy pickings as low hanging fruit and it has been one year, where is this years $60 billion ??????  Is it already in the Healthcare Lock Box?????

2.  How can Obama continue to claim his plan will cost $950 Billion over 10 years without a CBO score and then claims his bill is lower cost than those bills eviscerated for cost last summer ………. but those plans included the Medicare Doc Fix of $250 billion over 10 years.   Obama’s does not include the Doc Fix, and when included, Obama’s plan totals $1.210 Trillion over 10 years………just like those eviscerated (probably x2).  The question:  Is an apple an orange now ???

3.  Obama previously agreed he is giving equal time to Dem’s and Repub’s during the summit.  He then claimed during the summit when challenged by Mitch M. on Dem’s getting twice as much time that as President his time doesn’t count as Dem time.  So therefore, his berating the Repub’s, pounding home the Dem talking points and interrupting the Repub’s when he is getting his butt kicked to chastise them for trying to score cheap political points, did not count as partisan Dem time.  He is after all, the moderator.  So does it depend on what the meaning of the word is, is ?????