Dear Republican Lawmakers Attending the Health Summit:

When I am considering a major cash outlay, I responsibly look at my overall financial situation, both short term and long term.  I look at my cash flow, expenses and debts; current and future.  It is called responsible financial planning and responsible financial spending.


Congress is now considering a Healthcare Bill in a vacuum.  The cost seems to be of no concern to the supporters as they claim the cost will be “deficit neutral” and will actually save money; that is it will not add to the deficit and will actually reduce it.  Translation:  New taxes will be mandated and collected and they expect to collect more taxes than they need for their bill, which of course they will use to pay down the deficit.  Putting aside that these cost claims are likely fantasy, there is a bigger question that seems to be ignored.


Where is the responsible federal financial planning?  Social Security, Medicare and other major entitlements are in trouble and need financial aid or significant cost reduction in benefits provided.  How much new tax should the Taxpayers that will shoulder the Healthcare Bill cost expect to pay for these?  What the Cap and Trade Bill costs?  How much should these same Taxpayers plan on cashing out for these?  You know, this isn’t rocket science, unless of course you are trying to obscure and obfuscate the facts, which is likely the case.  It seems like a reasonable expectation that our government lay all of it Taxpayer expectations on the table in some transparent financial planning. 


I will help them get a start on that exercise right here:


                                                Cost                New Taxes     Cost per Taxpayer

            Healthcare Bill           $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx

            Social Security           $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx

            Medicare                    $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx

            Cap & Trade              $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx

            Other                          $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx            $xxx.xx

            Totals                         $xxx.xx           $xxx.xx           $xxx.xx



There, that’s not so hard, just fill in the blanks, add other planned expenditures and add it up.  Then we can have some responsible financial planning.  I understand this is terribly overly simplified, but then conservatives, particularly those who might attend tea parties, have to have things presented in a very simplistic manner to avoid confusion.


The last year has been spent by the President and the Congress trying to force Healthcare upon the American people by asking taxpayers to suspend reality and give it a ‘full and reasoned’ consideration in a complete vacuum.


Responsible people do not make major cash outlays in a complete vacuum.  I think it is time our federal government stops deciding ours, our children’s and our grandchildren’s future in a vacuum without the same responsible financial planning we have to do to stay solvent.  Perhaps during the Healthcare Summit you can find time to ask the President to take a minute to fill this form out and then hold it up to the camera.  As long as he is including the American people as spectators, let’s get the most out of this performance and see what all he has coming down the road for us.  He is, after all, doing this Summit to fulfill his campaign pledge for transparency in the Healthcare Reform process…….isn’t he?