"Constructing" in Plain Sight.

The much known controversy over the mosque coming to ground zero and now a smaller, second one a couple of blocks away sparks the question: “what is the intended message?”   It has been purported that muslims are hoping for some type of “spiritual renewal” in response to the carnage on 9/11/01.    How many will buy such hogwash?  Ground zero is hallowed ground and the final resting place for so many uncovered remains.  Constructing a muslim place of worship adjacent to the graves of the victims of muslim extremism is antagonistic, insulting and a deliberate mockery of lives gone forever.  If there was a hint of sincerity for peace and peaceful coexistence with Americans of all beliefs and religions, the kinder and more acceptable solution would have been to suggest a universal place of worship for all religions, proving that the extended hand of peace embraces no sword.   There is nothing noble about this construction and the message is quite clear.  They are not “hiding” in plain sight but rather, constructing a place of bitter hatred near the graves of innocent Americans who had no idea they were anyone’s target.