Support McCain/Palin in 08

My wife and I are happily married have been for sixteen years. She often jokes it has been the best nine years of her life.

I am going somewhere with this…When two people are married for any period of time they are bound to develop differing opinions and even disagreements that do not get resolved. That being said, they stay committed. My wife and I are like this. We stay committed and do not go shopping for another spouse. We support each other and deal with our differences.

We have a similar commitment to our religious beliefs. We don’t always agree with the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and have fundamental disagreements. We don’t cast the entire religion aside and shop for another church that suits our needs. We support our deal with our differences.

You get where I am going with this. We have a commitment to our political beliefs. We support the Conservative movement and the Republican Party. We support Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin. We may have our differences and disagreements with the politicians on this ticket but that does not lead us to cast aside our beliefs and run to the Liberal ticket headed by Obama.