Legal Abortion vs. Murder

I had my first discussion with a Liberal about abortion last week. I was floored by his response. The result has driven me to seek an conservative outlet in the blogshere to share. While I am not out to convert Liberals, I am out to make people of both liberal and conservative persuasions to think about this idea. I doubt it is original but here it goes.

I had the John McCain campaign website up on my office computer. An associate walked into my office and after seeing the screen stated he could not vote for McCain due to four fundamental disagreements. I asked what they were and he stated: “I am personally against abortion but do not think government should decide. It should be left for the woman to decide.”

My question: “Well, why is it legal to kill a baby one month prior to birth and murderous to kill a baby one months after birth?”

His reply: “That is not the point. Those are different situations. The woman has the right to decide what happens in her body.”

My closing response: “I don’t wish to hear the other three disagreements.”