Damning the "More Fortunate"

So what is it about people who are better off financially that the president does not like?  In addressing the nation last Thursday night, President Obama once again used that phrase, “those more fortunate” to support calls for more taxes on “the rich.”

He does not tell us how these people and many of those with small businesses arrived at that level of an improved quality of life.  All he does is try to alter the perception of the American public by somehow making it appear that this group of people are more fortunate because they happened to arrive at their position in life through luck, through some roll of the dice.  Kind of the same way he has had a “run of bad luck” in trying to get his anachronistic Keynesian economic policies to somehow miraculously heal our staggering economy.  What the use of the phrase “those more fortunate” implies is that if people have arrived at their better position in life through luck, the government is more justified in redistributing their wealth, their good fortune so to speak.  After all, why should some people have more good fortune than others and why should the government not be within its right to make sure that such good fortune is spread around evenly?  So what if you have worked hard to improve your position in life and that of your family?  Well, damn you!  This is a new day in America where the rule is “From each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.”

Except we do not call it Marxism today.  We call it social justice.