Mitt's "Unorthodox" IRA is Between $20.7 Million & $101.6 Million

If you haven’t read the Wall Street Journal’s article, it is worth your time.

I’ve gone through the numbers. Although there are other methods such as off shore shelters, the only way an “ordinary” person could do this would be through a 401k rollover. If he contributed $30,000 per year to a 401k for his 15 years at Bain (84-99) before converting it to an IRA, he would have earned an average yearly rate of return between 30%-45%.

It may be possible.

The Lions could win the Superbowl.

15 years in a row???

I thought his taxes were a nothingburger until I read this.

Although his actions may have been “legal”, I think the country would reject him in a general election. I hope the country does not associate Mitt with conservatism. I don’t see how this ends well if Mitt is the nominee …