I used to be close to someone who spent far too much time playing Internet games that dealt with war strategy.  He played them back when there wasn’t really a World Wide Web, but only a series of text exchanged to show advancement and such.  I never got the fascination, but he was really into it.  He loved the strategy and the ability to prey on human frailty where basic human nature was involved.

When online gaming kicked up a notch with the invention of the Web and the rudimentary graphics that at least allowed me to see what was going on, I watched one day… He would have these huge victories with his army and would crack up laughing at his opponents.  It looked to me like the other player actually wanted to lose.  So, I asked, “Why did they expose their resources and top personnel like that?  It seems sort of stupid in terms of strategy.”

What he said next has stuck with me for the last couple decades…

“They’re so dumb and trusting.  I called a truce and they accepted.  I waited a short amount of time and then attacked with everything I had.”

It was years later that I realized this is a character issue that can spring up in people that put winning above basic human respect and honor.

So, today, as I look at the people on the left that are constantly attacking the right with shrieks of war-like tenor and unfair character assassinations of good people that don’t agree with them, I am reminded of this.

It is good to remember that strategists don’t call for a truce when they are winning.  Rather, it is often a desperate act of one who is about to be trounced.  It is also often a strategic move to get the opponent to lower their guard…

In our current situation following the shootings in Tucson, what you really have is an attack by one “side” and a condemnation of those attacks being launched back.  It isn’t two sides going after one another gratuitously, but the victims of the attack simply pushing back defensively.

That said, as a frequent target of the nasty rhetoric of the left, I would love to see more statesman-like behavior and cool-headed debate on the issues.  So, a truce seems nice.

However, I’m very leery of this latest truce called by those who lash out with vitriol and hate that extends beyond disagreement with my issues.  Life teaches us things, if we are astute and willing to learn.  Because I have learned, I give this caution…

If it is character and honor that guide men to honor their “truces” then we would all be wise to judge the validity of the “truce” called by those that have neither.

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